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More Women in Tech? We support that!

From 9th to 13th November 2022, the vocational training students of SAP Jenny Kraft and Babett Müller had the great opportunity to look after aspiring female computer scientists in Darmstadt. The two students and four other supervisors from BWINF looked after 25 IT-enthusiastic girls for five days. Focusing on the topic of BWINF, the camp was all about the youth and national competition of the national computer science competitions (“Bundesweiten Informatikwettbewerbe”) in Germany. The goal of those camps is to get more and more girls interested in computer science, build a community for them and support their participation in computer science competitions (such as the “Informatik-Biber”).

During those five days, the girls learned the basics of programming using Python or practiced already existing programming skills. They were able to gain initial insights into the complex world of computer science through interesting lectures on a wide variety of topics. However, a lot of theory is of no use if you don't know how to apply it. Therefore, it was especially important for the supervisors to impart knowledge on how to solve difficult programming tasks and how to approach them effectively. Captivated by programming, the computer scientists worked independently and with high concentration on various tasks in order to directly apply their newly acquired knowledge.

Throughout the camp, there was a huge amount of positivity, curiosity, and willingness to help each other. Seeing so many girls enjoying programming and IT was truly heart-warming! However, not only the participants of the camp learned a lot of new things about IT, but also the VT students were able to expand their knowledge and experience at various intersections, for example in understanding foreign code.

But of course, the students were not only "tortured" with coding, lectures and debugging: a varied, cultural program including a city tour, Escape Rooms, free time and funny games and film evenings provided variety and movement between the different coding blocks.

If you are interested in the topic "Bundesweite Informatikwettbewerbe (BWINF)" or the camps of girls@BWINF, then check out their websites and stay tuned for more camps this year!

Group Photo of the Girls participating in the 2022 Camp of girls@BWINF in DarmstadtGroup Photo of the Girls participating in the 2022 Camp of girls@BWINF in DarmstadtYoung women eager in coding and helping each otherYoung women eager in coding and helping each other




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