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Tammy Powlas - Gain Insights from SAP Community

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

During her live session at SAP TechEd Channel 1 (which was excellent by the way) there were several questions. But @TammyPowlas  was live on air and couldn't answer them in the chat.  We wanted to capture these questions so they could live beyond the chat time.

Tammy - how did you handle historic data?

Were all your partner AddOn's (if any) still compatible with S/4 HANA?

how did you handle custom functionality


Active Contributor

Thank you @thomas_jung 

Q: How did we handle historic data?

A: Everything came over; we did archive some technical objects but ran out of time to archive other things.  SAP Enterprise Support has a great Data Volume Management (DVM) service that makes recommendations on what could be archived in your system.

Q: Were all our partner add-ons still compatible with S/4HANA?

A: During sandbox migrations we found 2 that were not.  One we had to update our licenses to newer products to be compatible with S/4HANA.  The second add-on that wasn't compatible the vendor had already agreed in their statement of work with us to become compatible with S/4HANA.  Amazingly, all other add-ons we used were compatible.

Thank you for the interest and the questions


Ooops missed a question, how did we handle custom functionality

The first migration to the sandbox immediately showed us what didn't work in S/4HANA.  So where possible we updated the code to become compatible in ECC so that when we moved to S/4HANA it was one less worry.