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SAP Teched Memories

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What memories do you have of previous Techeds?   Is this your first one?  What are you looking forward to?

Past Teched:

Meeting people while sitting out in the "waiting" line.  I met more people that way.  They were all interesting.  I may not have kept up with them.  But it was interesting to hear where they came from, what they were thinking about.

Specific Memory

Meeting the person who inspired me - It was after hours teched.  I had to pick one of two fun things to do.  One focused on development (Hacker's night). I honestly don't remember what the other one was.  I met Marilyn Pratt and Craig in the hall.  I had signed up for Hacker's night; Marilyn convinced me to go with her night "session".   She is an amazing person.  Positive, happy, and so very supportive.   I had a blast.  She was/still is the person who had inspired me to write more blogs.  She was (I believe) the first person to comment on my very first blog.  It made the evening special.  And brought home, yet again, why this community is so amazing.


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My first one was in 2007 at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.  Because I booked it so late, I had to stay in the Luxor which still allowed smoking inside hotel rooms (grr).  But I bought a nice sweatshirt at the Luxor that I still use today.  


I really enjoyed my first TechEd and have been hooked on going ever since.


I've never been to an 'on-premise' TechEd yet.
My employer always allowed a few people to go, and just when it was my turn, covid happened 😒

I do look forward to this year's edition though, it had a blast and learned a lot last time around.


Well darn it, you have nothing to compare it to!  But the good news is I bet more of you get to tune into Teched.  Yes, on-premise is great.  But I usually have to put together all the reasons I need to be there.  I don't with it being on-line.  (I'm the only developer/functional type person in-house.)  We have a variety of consultants at any one time.

So my best memory of the on-line one last year:

Watching Channel 1 - It's was a lot of fun seeing the community talk, and of course watching Craig and crew.   

My personal favorite was meeting Tudor Riscutia.  He looked at training differently than I did.  He stopped and thought about - why?   It's cool all the new tech.   However, if he wasn't going to use it anytime soon why learn it early.   By the time he uses it, it will have changed anyway.  I lean on the other side, I like to at least be aware of what it out there.  So we had a fun conversation.

Can you tell I like connecting with people?  I still think we can do it.  It's just a bit harder when everything in on-line.


So true, @Former Member. Online does have advantage logistic- and planning wise 🙂

For me, it's also an eternal struggle to determine what I should or shouldn't learn at any given time. I, too, want to be aware of what is out there, but at the same time, it is so much more efficient to only start learning something when I can effectively use/practice it.
I guess that's yet another advantage of the current format. It's easier to start with going 'broad' in what we learn, and selectively 'zoom in' when we want some more depth on a topic 🤓

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Oh gosh, so may TechEds, so many memories!   They are all about the people though.  Of course, the educational content was great - but meeting people -whether buddying up with someone in a hands-on session, or sitting down at a table of 'strangers' at lunch - it was always great to meet people and share.  


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Yes, I miss that with Teched being on-line.   But I'm guessing we can be creative to meet people.  Plus the advantage that more people go to it.

Also - Channel 1, gives you a chance to "meet" some community members.

So many memories - yes, I choose one for my blog and one for coffee corner.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I have many, many favorite TechEd memories, but my absolute all-time favorite is the year we handed out stickers of the badges that community members had earned, which they could then stick onto their event attendee badge. See awful-resolution photo (it was 2013; phone cameras have come a long, long way since then!).

2013 badge bling2013 badge bling


yeah, still the time when the Badges were big enough ...


finally they got smaller recently ... 😉





I like the white one though 🤓



Hello Audrey,
I even found this one from 2008. 


One of my Lectures at this TechEd was named IM212, and I "sold" this exact Presentation one decade later (!?!) to a big european customer without changing one word or slide. This was in 2018.
I googled it, and it is still available - IM212 for TechEd 2008


some of the memories are simply priceless ... 😉



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while scanning through memories about former TechEd Events, I found the #AMK Letters again, a leftover after TechEd 2018 was done.


Or when SAP BW on HANA (Codename: Orange) was presented the first time at Las Vegas TechEd 2013


a Picture from TechEd 2014, when we also called this also "d-code" ...


some many stories where told at these events and it will never be the same again ...




Great pictures + great memories


I remember these green screen pictures, got one from Berlin 2014 as well 🙂 IMG_5524.JPG

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

One of many favorite memories of TechEds' past would be the early morning donut run from The Excalibur. That was 2007 and the event was actually at Mandalay Bay. It was pretty late at night after the concert (which was a great show by the Goo Goo Dolls).


That year year was also one of the first Community Days

I got to create and delivery my very first hands-on workshop at TechEd:
That was also our very first Enterprise Geeks buffet dinner.  Pretty small group that first year but it grew fast over the next few years.

Many of these things are exactly what we miss the most from not being able to meet up in person. But hopefully again soon...

Community Administrator
Community Administrator
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Didn't the donuts become a tradition for your crazy 4hr session (starting at 8am) on the last days for a few years afterwards?


I did bring extra donuts back for the attendees of the 8am Friday morning 4 hour hands-on. If you show up at 8am (and well before to ensure a spot) on the last day of the event in Las Vegas then you certainly earned a donut for the effort. 

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Hello Thomas, some of links are broken ...


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They were broken for me too, but now I see the photos! lovely! 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP TechEd Bangalore anyone?TechEd07_Bangalore.JPG


A couple years later, still in tents.DSCN0896.JPG

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Lots of SAP TechEd memories. Here's a couple of pics from SAP TechEd 2004 in Munich. The first shows (left to right)

- a very young Craig Cmehil
- Piers Harding, master of the RFC libraries for Perl, Python and beyond
- Mr BSP Brian McKellar
- Dagfinn Parnas (now Mr NFT!)

Craig, Piers, Brian and DagfinnCraig, Piers, Brian and Dagfinn












The second shows my Shuttle PC, with a Dell laptop, that I'd brought to be able to present my session SDN201 "The Internet Communication Framework - Into Context and Into Action" - and we did an impromptu installfest in the "clubhouse" which was just a dark corner of the show floor, if I remember correctly 🙂

Laptop and Shuttle PCLaptop and Shuttle PC

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

So many great memories of that one - it was my very first SAP TechEd event @qmacro 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I agree - I have been both in San Diego and in Munich that year. Just looked up my old slides from one of my sessions in 2004 about SAP NetWeaver Landscape Strategies (NW105), created and held with Matt Kangas, where we came up with our approach for building system landscapes, then refined in later years (I also copied in 3 slides from 2007, as I could just not stop to go through the old stuff) - great memories 😃!



yeah Boris, you always had the lucky TechEd Travel Free Pass, as you created these impressive Slide Decks no one could present, that why you where allowed to fly everywhere ... 😉


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

My fondest memory is the last physical Las Vegas event, where I took part for the first time in the Diane Davis Memorial 5K Fun Run/Walk... drawing number #13 for my vest. Also the last time I was able to hang out with my awesome Developer & Community Relations Team!

Lucky me!Lucky me!

Active Contributor

My first one was back in 2016, I am still new to SAP back then and not even active in SAP Community or not updated with the stuff(latest technologies) in SAP and teched for me was a kind of an event where I have to learn as much as I can in the 3 days, and because of all those factors, I was super confused. Somehow I managed to attend few sessions and learned some stuff. But no meeting people or having fun there 😞 It was kind of boring.

Later I started being active at sap community in 2018, so I made a lot of friends there and that was my main reason to attend my 2nd teched in 2019, it's the best one for me so far because the priority for me was to meet people first and learning was secondary 😝 , and I even wrote a blog post about it, which was my first non technical post 🙂

So I decided to attend all other techeds from then, but unfortunately due to COVID, it is online, it's not that it is bad, it is having its own advantages and disadvantageous. 

Now I am just eagerly waiting for the next In-person teched.


At SAP TechEd 2019, I organized a networking party for attendees from Japan.
After returning to Japan, I organized community events (sitTokyo, Stammtisch Tokyo, "Mokumoku-kai", etc.) with the enthusiastic members I met there.

Today, I am still active in the Japanese sap community "chillSAP".





Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

My first (and only) on-site TechEd was 2019, in Las Vegas, less than a year after I joined SAP from Contextor acquisition.

It was a blast, and our sessions to present SAP Intelligent RPA had to be doubled and for some even tripled as they were fully booked. And out team had fancy t-shirts  😉

20190925_090902 1280px.jpg










My one and only teched was Bangalore 2006 where I met @craigcmehil ! It took serious negotiation and motivation by my colleague Bella to get our team to go over, what an amazing experience! I'm not sure if anyone else managed to go again. Such a pity.


Would love to visit South Africa again - wishful thinking that SAP TechEd would be in beautiful South Africa.

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I also think wishful thinking to have TechEd here BUT you could still come visit again. 😀 Come to Cape Town! 😜

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oh wow... Memories... one of my favorites are the lego-challenges 🙂

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I'm not as long in the "TechEd-business" as many others here, but I enjoy all your shared memories because it gives me a glimpse into what I missed. And yes, TechEd for me means community, getting to know great people and having a good time together! But I also have a big smile on my face when I think back of the service dogs I got to pet and cuddle in Las Vegas 2019. 😊


Happy #dogtoberfest day everyone! 

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I liked Phoenix.DSCN8620.JPG

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I also filmed Vijay in the very warm Mentor jersey.

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Nice One

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My first teched was in 2015 when we qualified for the SAP Innojam final:


What memories!


HA, that's me sitting in the middle, in the pinkish shirt 😄 - our team got silver in that year, yippie!