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SAP DemoJam coming back to the big stage!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I've so many fond memories of the SAP DemoJam from over the years it got me wondering about everyone else's fond memories as well?

I had the pleasure of hosting the first DemoJam at SAP TechEd in Bangalore and so for me super special to be hosting the one this year as well!

Were you there? Were you at the first one as well? Do you have memories of the various different events over the years? I know @anne-petteroe probably will never forget her time on stage with ESME! Or the fact that @thomas_jung was backstage fixing the ESME server live during the event!

So many special moments over the years, what was your most fondest moment? I'd love to share some stories live on stage during this year's event so share a story, share an image and maybe you'll see and hear it live on stage in November!


Community Manager
Community Manager

DemoJam at TechEd Berlin in 2008 (!!) is definitely one of my career highlights! Had so much fun, not just at the stage, but also representing the project at the conference. 
21-10-2008 at 17-08-18.jpeg


Our demo solution which we had developed for CodeJam with a brand new user interface, went down 30 minutes before we were supposed to go on stage. Luckily, @craigcmehil changed the order of the demos, so that we could go on stage last. I had to quickly run down in the audience and find @thomas_jung so that he could help us revert back to our old solution, so he helped us backstage literally up until the moment we went on stage. So what got demoed was our old "boring UI" ESME version. 

In this picture, you can see my cheeks are blushing from all the stress before we went on stage LOL: 

21-10-2008 at 15-09-51.jpeg



cool @anne-petteroe thanks for sharing 😊

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

take 972... OMG 😅😂

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Active Contributor

I'll ignore my obvious favourite DemoJam and go with seeing SAP controlled by Wii Hands by a couple of Enterprise Geeks!  Nothing covers the joy of TechEd more than experiencing something so uniquely technically cool (for that point of time) with a crowd of your peers.

No one (and I mean no one) talks faster than Al Templeton 

OMG!!! You are soooooo right! 

OMG @TammyPowlas - what a gem you found! 
So basically talk as fast as @alisdair73 and you can demo twice as much content 😂

Also helpful for 20 minute conference presentations 🙂

Thanks for finding this @TammyPowlas 

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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This was always the highlight of SAP TechEd -- I was amazed at the technology but also how clever people were in how they presented their innovations 😺 

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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@anne-petteroe @TammyPowlas how great to dig through the archives 🤣@alisdair73 we can always rely on you to get the job done (and on-time!) @Katherine_K get some snapshots today! 

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