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Let's keep the SAP TechEd discussions going!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

There were 7 tracks (and many sub-tracks) available at SAP TechEd 2022 - which has come and gone - so very quickly - and yet the topics are and will still be relevant into next year. Therefore, we would like to keep the momentum going in this Group and keep all members connected and updated around those topics.

Current plans and ideas include:

  • SAP Community Calls in the new year - bringing you news around the topics - what has changed since SAP TechEd, what's new?
  • Polls/feedback - getting our members more involved!
  • Q&A - sharing great answers to great questions from the live sessions (as well as sharing replays).

Indeed, Jessica Baxmann has already shared some great Q&A in her blog post: 
You Asked, We Answered: Q&A from the SAP TechEd Opening Keynote 2022.
We hope to do the same very soon in relation to the other sessions. Stay tuned in this Group - and be sure to click on "Join" if you are not already a member. This way you can stay up-to-date with notifications.

What do you want to discuss in relation to SAP TechEd? As always, feel free to click "Reply" below and let us know!

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