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How do we get access to all the awesome SAP TechED Presentation slides?

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I still have many SAPTechED CDs and USB Sticks with all the conference presentations for previous editions. For the 2023 edition, the virtual teched has a handful of sessions online with its corresponding slides. I would however like to have slides from all the session. How do we make these available to all TechEd attendees as well as for the community in General?

For those looking for Hands-on materials, you can find many of them on github so we have atleast a good start:

The session catalogue for TechEd Bangalore is here. Hopefully the conference materials will be linked soon for all to access. Thanks @KatherineKenneally  for the hint.



It would be great to have the slides of the rest of the sessions so that those who couldn't attend SAP TechEd can review them to get to know about the latest trends around Business AI Hub , SAP Build Code , SAP BTP Reference Architecture Frameworks etc. @SAPTechED


Parv Gugnani


@pgugnani0 - thanks for your interest. Please see my reply here.

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Hi @Former Member 

You can get the materials on demand from the session catalogs: Bangalore | Virtual.
Please also stay tuned to this group for replays, discussions and additional information that will be shared in the coming weeks.

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Hello @KatherineKenneally  Thanks for posting the link to the Bangalore session catalogue. I clicked on 20 sessions and could not find a single presentation attached. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi @Former Member - thanks for letting me know - I've been informed that the PPTs are available in the session catalog/event app. For virtual, this includes LTs and VOC/VOPs, and GitHub links for JS). For in-person, it's LTs and STs and GitHub links for HOW. Please see screenshot example below. I will also send you a PM to connect further on this and make sure we get a resolution.

Session Materials in virtual catalog.png

@cecihuergo fyi...

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Katherine, I am aware of session materials linked for Virtual session. I am keen to get my hands on the rest of the awesome sessions that were held in Bangalore. The  conference presentations are quite insightful and valuable.


Hi all, please note:
To access the session material for Bangalore sessions you need to be registered and logged-in. This is possible from the website or the event app - for those who had a valid ticket. Only registered attendees can access the session material. Session material was ONLY made available for lectures and strategy talks. No other session types have PDFs uploaded.

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Yes. copy that!



Why there is no direct link to all slides at once. I need to get into each topic and download separately.

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@brahammittal1 - thanks for your query. The session materials are only available to those who attended in person - if you go here and login, you can find the session material for Lectures, Strategy Talks and Hands-On Workshops. Yes the materials are connected to the catalog topic.

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