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Community Events to coincide with Tech Ed Hands-on Lab 2022

Active Contributor

Like many others I reckon, I'm hungry for some on-site Tech Ed.  I was thrilled to see that there was to be an in-person component to Tech Ed this year, the 'Hands-on Lab' in Las Vegas. To make the event a bit more nutritious, it would be awesome if someone was to organise a community event to coincide with Las Vegas.

Are you that someone?

I went to the Inside Track San Francisco in 2018 - the Friday before Tech Ed if I recall - and that was a lot of fun. My personal experience this year in Australia (where I live) and Europe has been that many people are keen to meet their fellow humans once more

All that's really required is a big room with a projector, plenty of publicity online and ideally some bars and restaurants nearby.  I'm sure finding speakers wouldn't be a problem.  There are quite a few cities in the vicinity (if it doesn't happen in Vegas itself) like LA, San Fran, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver.....

I think such an event would really tip the balance for me to justify the long trip to Vegas. If anyone has any plans or knows of anything in the works, please share it here


Active Contributor

I am organizing one #SITDFW SAP Inside track in Dallas next week. I would like to also participate or help in LV in case it happens during SAP TechEd  in November.  anyone else?