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wrong java version specified

Hii am new to net weaver during installation .I specified the wrong version of java(i had 2 versions installed in the system 1.3 and 1.4)now i would like to change it to 1.4 .as i have problems running "C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\j2ee\admin\go.bat"..could ...

Add user-defined menu to GUI toolbar

Hello,I need to integrate an input field in the GUI toolbar (the bar where the transaction input field, save button etc. reside). Does someone have experience with this and knows how to do this? Especially I am looking for the dynpro element where to...

Important Notice on ABAP SP 640!

Hi community,the installer of this version is highly experimental. We reduced the number of disp+work.exe processes below the officially supported minimum to reduce memory consumption. You can see the profile after SYS-installation: :\usr\sap\NSP\SYS...

WSDL Files in the Solution Composer

Hi Guys!I am trying to use the WSDL Files for a Enterprise Service Operation from the Solution Composer, but I am always requiered to enter an account and password to get the file. Where can I get the authorization to use these WSDL files and how?I w...

SAP logon 640 help files

Hi can anyone tell how should i instal application help & sap library to the front end. I have sap logon 640 version. I downloaded from sap-market but now I am unable to get application help when i do F1. How to activate my sap library and applicatio...

Number of Posts Reset on ABAP Forum :-(

Looks like the number of posts counter for my id got reset suddenly. I also cannot see any of my previous posts in the forum. Hope it can be corrected.Link below shows my number of posts as 1.Previous post a few hours ago shows up correctly.Thanks,Ra...

SDN vs. SAP Community

Hello everybody,this is an announcement for my new blog entry "SDN vs. SAP Community: Plethora of Contents". As my article is tightly coupled with this forum, I would like you to participate by reading and leaving a comment. You find the weblog by it...

Sales Tax Rounding Problem

Hi,Can you let me know how to roundup the sales tax figure in SAP sales & distribution (T-Code - V/06 ).I have enabled the Conditioning technic Rounding up rule enabled - but the action does not taking effect.[ I am using SAP R/3 Version 3.1H ]Pleas...

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