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Product and Topic Expert

It's time to get ready for SAP TechEd 2023!


Starting November 2, 2023, SAP TechEd 2023 is available both as a virtual and an in-person event. SAP TechEd Bangalore offers in-person, immersive, hands-on workshops for learning along with 500+ sessions for registered attendees. In contrast, our virtual SAP TechEd allows you to access the session content, keynote, workshops, and customer stories for free with registration.

I'm excited to share these 8 selected SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) use cases in this blog. Familiarize yourself with SAP's focus areas regarding these use cases and how our customers drive value using SAP BTP. Then, build your personal agenda for SAP TechEd Bangalore or Virtual concerning these use cases.


What is a SAP BTP Use Case? What is it for?

Ever since my first blog on SAP BTP Use cases for SAP Sapphire 2022, I always used the analogy of cooking instructions to explain use cases. A use case is a suggested set of steps and descriptions (cooking instructions) on achieving specific business value (the dish you're making, say, a meatloaf). But remember, as the cook, you have the knowledge and understanding of your organization's existing architecture and resources (i.e., ingredients). So, let these BTP use cases inspire and guide you and empower you to adjust to your organization's requirements and vision.

As my colleague Imke Vierjahn writes in her NewsCenter article "SAP BTP Use Cases: Going Deeper, Broader, and Faster", a BTP use case describes how customers can address a business challenge by leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform. It consists of customer-proven, well-documented missions in SAP Discovery Center - SAP's version of a meatloaf recipe - to guide and assist each customer's implementation journey on SAP BTP, helping to achieve desired business outcomes for business users, architects, and developers.


8 Use Cases for SAP TechEd 2023

1. Drive Profitable Growth

Users and Goals: Your business has data scattered across SAP and third-party systems. Challenges in analyzing online sales performance by category for root cause analysis increase the need for a unified data federation architecture to combine data from external source systems and stock data from SAP systems.
Course of action: Once the Big Query and SAP Datasphere connection is set up, the combined external and SAP data allows robust category analysis to help unlock new insights, on-the-fly analysis and informed decisions in real-time.

To learn more about this Use Case at TechEd:


2. Deliver Connected Enterprise Experiences

Users and Goals: Your IT department is noticing that APIs across different environments while safeguarding access to sensitive data in the cloud and on-premises are creating a roadblock for businesses trying to build a truly integrated enterprise for customers. This calls for a comprehensive solution offering a centralized access point to all APIs.
Course of action: Developers are empowered with self-service access to APIs, supported by secure digital processes. This gives them a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions, increasing satisfaction.


3. Automate processes to empower finance professionals

Users and Goals: Your organization's citizen developers want to improve document extraction, such as invoices and receipts, and the approval flow to optimize business processes within their organization with minimal assistance from IT resources.
Course of action: Utilize SAP Build Process Automation's LC/NC capability, automating the data extraction process from various documents and extending it with the approval flow before posting the data to the target system. Also, leverage the power of Generative AI with ready-to-use pre-built models to enable processing of various business document types, layouts, and languages to quickly deploy AI capabilities without any prior AI expertise.


4. Gain real-time visibility into SAP Ariba Procurement Operations 

Users and Goals: Your business' purchasing function wants to unlock procurement data to gain insights, make smarter decisions and ensure a timely approval process.
Course of action: SAP's pre-built business accelerators for SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to gain visibility into their Spend data with scheduled data pull. Also, custom integration flow to transport data from Ariba to SAP Datasphere allows them to build their own data lake and capture relevant data.


5. Automate Procurement ordering processes

Users and Goals: Your business' subject matter experts and procurement professionals want to automate the approval of purchase requisitions to increase efficiency and accuracy.
Course of action: The user engages the pre-built package to configure process variants to trigger in either SAP Workflow Management or SAP Build Process Automation. Approvers are determined based on requisition data using business rules. At the same time, the package can be applicable in other areas, such as real-time dashboards, vendor onboarding, and maintenance of purchase information records.


6. Dynamically react to changing business events in your supply chain

Users and Goals: Your system administrators and developers want to automate business processes and facilitate real-time decision-making. They develop event-driven applications in the SAP Business Technology Platform to create applications that can consume events from external platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT Platform and AWS IoT and trigger actions in the SAP S/4HANA system based on business rules.
Course of action: To achieve their goals, users must configure and create an event-driven application using the event-to-action framework in SAP BTP. They can use services like the CAP framework and SAP Event Mesh to develop, deploy, and monitor the events. The framework can be customized to integrate events from any source system to any line of business system.


7. Innovate in the circular economy on SAP BTP

Users and Goals: Your developers, partners, and customers are interested in developing multi-tenant SuaaS (Sustainable SaaS) applications using the Cloud Application Programming Model and deploying them to the SAP Business Technology Platform. The goal is to measure the company's circularity and simulate initiatives to drive decision-making.
Course of action: Using standard frameworks and SAP BTP Services for developing, deploying, and monitoring the solutions to extend the existing SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA with additional features developed by the SaaS vendor. After preparing the Provider Subaccount, different components can be used to run and enhance with an integrated backend system.


8. Reduce your CO2 footprint using a smart Generative AI application on SAP BTP

Users and Goals: Your Environment, Social, and Governance department wants to become more climate-conscious and reduce their carbon footprint, which can increase their understanding of how their consumption habits contribute to its CO2 footprint.
Course of action: The solution involves building a mobile app using the SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) model and React Native on SAP BTP. The app will interact with Azure AI and utilize the ChatGPT models via the Azure Open AI service. This combination of technologies will enable the app to provide users with personalized insights by combining business context with the capabilities of large language models.


Visit the SAP BTP in Action Community page for implementation guidance and detailed learning material for dedicated SAP BTP use cases.


Experience the SAP BTP Use Cases at SAP TechEd

Imagine all the dishes you could make with SAP BTP; it fits for a feast! With a diverse range of use cases and sessions that expand on these use cases, SAP TechEd Bangalore will be an exciting and inspirational opportunity for SAP customers and partners to learn what the future holds. Also, take a look at our new blog post on SAP BTP Partner Prebuilt Business Content podcasts by colleague John Luu and give it a listen on how to utilize the ready-made gravy for your meatloaf. 

Whether you're interested in exploring more about Joule, the generative AI assistant for SAP's cloud enterprise portfolio, or other best practices, SAP TechEd Bangalore offers sessions tailored to your interests. 

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event, and register now to secure your spot. We look forward to connecting with you, whether you join us virtually or in person.