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Join us in the Application Development (AD) track of TechEd 2023 and take your skills to the next level with sessions on building full-stack applications, process automations, and business sites. Whether you're a business user or a developer you’ll find a range of pro-code and low-code programming options that empower you to digitalize processes from end to end. 



Across our 5 dynamic sub-tracks you can learn the best strategies for working in fusion development teams, foster innovation with good governance, accelerate digital transformation and gain expertise in AI-supported Enterprise Automation.

Let’s delve deeper into the sub-tracks and explore some highlights:

Maximize Developer Productivity for Applications and Extensions

Keep the ERP core clean by building applications and extending SAP solutions. Use tight integrations with services, technologies, and systems from SAP. Leverage unified, code-first, assisted development complemented with generative AI and a simplified experience to boost productivity. Foster collaboration with new tools for fusion development.

Check out our sessions:

  1. AD109 virtual: How Florida Crystals Explores Extensibility Options to Keep the Core Clean
  2. AD282 virtual: Master Mobile Application Development with Pro-Code Tools on SAP BTP
  3. AD200 virtual: Discover New Capabilities of SAPUI5 with pro-code Tools
  4. AD115 in-person: Introducing Pro-Code Tools Supporting Best Practices of SAP
  5. AD120 in-person: Build Apps and Extensions with ABAP Cloud on SAP BTP, ABAP Environment

Accelerate Development with the Power of Low Code

SAP Build solutions enable you to create enterprise applications, process automations, and business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity. Explore low-code visual programming complemented with artificial intelligence (AI), assisted building, recommended actions, AI-generated templates, interoperability, and prebuilt content. Learn governance capabilities for safer center-of-excellence operations.

Check out our sessions:

  1. AD114 virtual: Learn How Fusion Development Fosters Sustainability at BMW
  2. AD117 in-person: From Low-Code to Pro-Code: Scale Your Development Extensively
  3. AD805 in-person: What's Next with SAP Build
  4. AD163 in-person: Extend Your Sales Order Process in SAP S/4HANA with SAP Build

Experience Enterprise Automation with SAP Build and SAP Signavio Solutions

Empower developers to build applications, automate processes, discover inefficiencies, and integrate across heterogeneous environments with SAP Build and SAP Signavio solutions and SAP Integration Suite. Learn to build AI-powered enterprise automation to accelerate the path to an autonomous enterprise.

Check out our sessions:

  1. AD101 virtual: Advance Your Process Transformation with Enterprise Automation and AD118 on-site lecture
  2. AD113 virtual: Learn How Avaya Drives Innovations in Its Business Processes
  3. AD804 in-person: What's Next with SAP Build Process Automation

Enhance User Productivity Through Integrated Business Sites

Enhance business users' engagement and streamline operations with consistent and optimized user experiences from almost any device. Blended UX integration and guided experiences boost work efficiency. Experience the SAP Start site to build business sites for your employees, partners, and suppliers, which can be smoothly integrated across enterprise landscapes with SAP Build Work Zone.

Check out our sessions:

  1. AD102 virtual: What’s New with SAP Build Work Zone – Innovation Meets Productivity
  2. AD505 in-person: Driving Employee Productivity Through Technology Innovation
  3. AD807 in-person: What's Next with SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Start
  4. AD 501 in-person: The Importance of a Harmonious User Experience for Your Business

Drive Growth and Efficiency by Migrating to New Solutions

Discover ways to excel in application development, automation, and digital experience with our latest solutions and advanced features that provide heightened security and increased scalability. Migrate from our legacy cloud Neo environment to a multi-cloud foundation on SAP Business Technology Platform to take the next step from on premise to the cloud. Stay ahead with detailed guidance.

Check out our sessions:

  1. AD503 in-person: Future Proof Your Mobile Investments in the Cloud
  2. AD507 in-person: Drive Automation and Migrate to SAP Build Process Automation
  3. AD914 in-person: Mobile App Using Pro-Code Tools: SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Warehouse Operator
  4. AD916 in-person: Deploying SAP Cloud Application Programming Model on SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime

Unlock the full spectrum of developer potential with SAP BTP's pro-code and low-code extensibility options. Don't miss out on this illuminating opportunity to enhance your skills and drive innovation. With over 100 sessions in our track, explore our virtual and on-site catalog to fuel your tech passion.