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Fun down to the final hour, voting (that counts) closed as of September 29, 12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CET. The unofficial official results:

Jamie Oswald – 22 Votes
“I know the policy but I accidentally ate my own badge. Do I really have to pay the conference fee again?”


moya.watson  – 19 Votes
"ABAP will run in the cloud when GOATS FLY!”

jrgen.lins  – 10 Votes
"I hope next TechEd will be in Amsterdam, can’t wait to get my grass in a coffee shop"

This community is full of creative wit, and I thank all who participated. You had me laughing all week long! Some of the best entries came in the final hours, you can keep liking them – I just can’t count them in the results.




Feeling sad because you couldn’t get to Las Vegas for SAP TechEd this year? No matter, because we’ve got a good old fashioned caption contest to keep you in good humor.

If you’ve been following our adventures, you know we've picked up a goat named Capra as a mascot and she's been having tons of laughs at TechEd without us (#goatspotting, @community_goat).

Let's show Capra where the real fun is! Unleash your community spirit and creativity by sharing a caption that catapults this cartoon to its maximum funny potential.



How to Participate:

  • Come up with a funny caption to go with the cartoon & publish it as a comment on this post

  • You can enter as many captions as you want (as long as they're all funny:)

  • Keep it professional -- sarcasm is fine, but don’t be mean, my children will be reading this

  • Vote for your favorite captions by giving a like to the relevant comment posts

  • You can vote for as many captions as truly tickle your funny bone

  • The caption that receives the most votes wins!

Caption entries and voting will close on Friday September 29th, after the last Las Vegas event session at 12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CET. That's only 4 days, so get to it... I can't wait to see who will submit the first caption!

Of course we hope that our witty colleagues at TechEd will also find some time to get to the community and participate (...calling jerry.janda).

There are no prizes, but you will earn the respect of the community, the admiration of Capra, and your caption will be added to the cartoon and published in a blog that summarizes our results. I’ll also send a signed, printed hard copy to the winner. And sure, you can put it on your resume and I'll even write you a reference.

This contest is brought to you with special thanks to timo.elliott , who brought us the first community caption contest in 2015 with much success.

Also, to my colleagues on the SAP Community Experience team, thank you for collaborating on Capra-worthy concepts, I had a so much fun! oddss ~ brianbernard ~ brian.ellefritz ~ catherine.lacroix ~ david.metser ~ gali.klingschneider ~ d68619 ~ jcantrell ~ jerry.janda ~ moshe.naveh2 ~ mynyna.chau ~ sajid.amir4