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Following my sapteched_lasvegas; day I report here is my report for day II.

Day II started slow with mini #codejam empty till 10:30am. craig.cmehil made adjustments to the system during the night, that what I call agile.

Participants started to drop in, but not enough to create a session rather to have 1-on-1 encounters. It definitely paid off for those who arrived. Three HANA UIS 1-on-1 sessions where done and feedbacks were very positive around the solution value with criticism around the process (quite different from yesterday).

Main feedbacks were: give me out of the box analytical widgets. We hear you, guys, and will work on this.

SAP folks actually love this place and crowded it a lot.

Do you recognize who is on the front of the left photo?

Next step was lunch. Vivid discussion on startups and alternative business models with orna.kleinmann , yariv.zur , asi.messica  and erez.sobol was very refreshing and the salmon was well prepared. No complaints for the lunch 🙂

We are always ready to help a customer and that was exactly the situation when Orna got an ad hoc call to meet a very large oil&gas customer. We met in the executive dining room, that was the place where we should had a lunch in the first place! Looks like there is a very good match for HANA UIS for the customer project, tomorrow is the follow up.

I joined asi.messica  and yariv.zur  at the hands on session for HANA cloud portal. It started great with full room joining us to build beautiful sites. Asi stepped on stage and I took the photos.

Here the fun part ended and things went wrong. The trial registration produced users with insufficient rights, looks like a last minute bug. Asi worked hard on stage while Yariv and myself looked for the solution around. Fortunately ohad.yassin  was responsive at 1am local time and came with a workaround solution. Here I would like to apologize to all  participants of this hands on session, we have your emails and will fix your trial accounts so you'll be able to complete your exercise at your free time with our additional support.

Getting back to the show floor and finding aviad.rivlin talking to the very engaged audience. Mobile portal topic is very popular and getting it from SAP Mentor even better.

Here was a most important part of my day. Networking session on the future of content discovery, delivery and consumption. I had a very interesting discussion with few customers, but it requires a separate blog post.

Finally I found The specified item was not found. , winfried.wenisch  and The specified item was not found. at speakers ready room tired after a long day.

At 7pm entire team met for the day summary and continued to Sushi Samba, which is a different story.


See you tomorrow at mini codejam