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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I don’t know about you, but a few days to soak up the bright lights and spectacles of Las Vegas sounds kinda nice as I sit here in sweatpants on my sofa (again.) As I mentioned in my previous blog post, TechEd is back in Las Vegas for 2022 with a brand new format called SAP TechEd Hands-On Lab. As the name suggests, this in-person experience in Vegas offers up a clear focus on deep-dive hands-on workshops through two full days of immersive learning – with opportunities galore for collaboration, networking, and (of course!) fun.

Those of you who have attended TechEd hands-on workshops in the past can vouch for this: there’s literally no better way to roll up your sleeves and experience SAP’s products firsthand, with DIRECT access to the experts, who literally created those exercises. Sounds awesome, right? Who better to answer your questions?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Hands-On Workshops: Two hours of no-joke, deep-dive, “real-deal” learning

With your SAP TechEd Hands-On Lab ticket, you’ll be able to register for two workshops of your choosing (complete list here). Yep, I know – there are a lot of choices, you might have a hard time pinning down just two. But hey, I guess that’s a nice “problem” to have. 😊

Wondering what’s on my list? Here are a few that I’m really excited about:

Enable, Configure, and Integrate a Central Inbox on SAP BTP [IN264]

SAP’s integration strategy is vital to the realization of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. In this workshop, you’ll get to test out SAP Task Center on SAP Business Technology Platform. What’s SAP Task Center? A central inbox across SAP solutions that allows end users to access their approval tasks. Simple and very effective. Learn how to integrate with SAP Process Automation and SAP S/4HANA and combine all tasks into one central inbox. To create a real end-to-end flow, you'll also configure SAP Cloud Identity services for single sign-on access." And let’s not forget the use of SAP Mobile Start app. Who doesn’t prefer to approve tasks using their smartphone?

Addressing Regulatory Mandates Through SAP Business Network Localization [AP262]

Addressing new regulatory requirements is always a challenge when you want to keep your processes running and compliant. SAP Business Network for Procurement is key to implement an integrated source-to-pay process. In this workshop, you’ll learn exactly how SAP can help when it comes to handling requirements like Peppol and e-invoice clearance.

Interactive Stochastic Simulations for Adapting to Uncertainty [DA263]

Are you familiar with stochastic simulations? In a world with so many variables that can change randomly, it would be very useful to find some logic to the chaos. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use a technique that combines Monte Carlo simulations with visualizations and machine-guided inferences. The goal is to provide some “certainty” in uncertain times and give decision-makers the right tools to make informed decisions.

Experience SAP S/4HANA Localization As a Self-Service [DT263]

Globalization makes localization a real-world requirement. In this workshop, you’ll get get hands-on experience with self-service localization tools for SAP S/4HANA that will allow you to extend and create localizations for different real-world scenarios.

Boost Application Verticalization, Customization, and Composition [AD264]

SAP Cloud Application Programming model is our recommended approach for building cloud-native extensions on SAP BTP. In this workshop, you’ll wear multiple hats as you add verticalizations and customizations to an existing SaaS application and explore the requirements from a SaaS provider and SaaS customer perspective.

Dive into Business Document Processing with AI Step by Step [AI360]

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in business services. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you can use the SAP AI Business Services that are tailored to helping you infuse intelligence into your end-to-end business processes. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to extract information from business documents and validate the results.

One Office in Customer Sales Activities and Service Engagements [AP160]

Any given business process can touch multiple solutions. Within the customer experience world, a smooth end-to-end process can be the difference between a happy and an unhappy customer. Learn how to leverage the latest features of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions and embed them into your SAP S/4HANA system.

Keynotes & More: It’s all here, the latest-and-greatest news

Hands-on workshops are a focus point for SAP TechEd Hands-On Lab, but there’s so much more in store for you in Vegas, starting with Jürgen Müller’s live keynote kick-off on stage and in-person at The Mirage. The keynote will be streamed live, but sitting there is person just hits different, you know? Joining him on stage are the famous (infamous?) Developer Advocates, who of course are fan favorites and practically reach cult status every year at TechEd. @thomas_jung,  @RichHeilman, @qmacro , the guy with the blue beard (you know who I am talking about... @josh_bentley) – the whole gang is back, live and on stage to deliver a one-of-a-kind session that’s sure to make everyone jump out of their seats and start coding. (I’m only slightly exaggerating.)

The Developer Advocates will also be back on stage later in the day to provide their keynote highlights and news about Devtoberfest. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check out this post and get all the juicy details about Devtoberfest, which kicked off earlier this month.

Day 2 will also start strong as key SAP leaders take to the stage to break down exactly how SAP applications create intelligent, sustainable enterprises and connect the dots to deliver integrated, end-to-end business processes across different LOBs and industries. Spoiler alert: Thomas Saueressig, SAP’s Chief Product Officer, will join in to share his thoughts.

Developer Hub: Together at last!

Everything I just shared speaks to the amazing learning we will have in Las Vegas. But we all know that a huge part of being back in-person is the chance to reconnect – shake a hand, give a hug, grab a coffee. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The Developer Hub is the space to do just that. We’ll have booths staffed with SAP experts (yep – those are the folks who run the hands-on workshops, are ridiculously smart, and can answer ALL your questions. C’mon – test their knowledge.) 😊

The SAP Community will also be in the house: The SAP Community Theater will host several talks led by our very own SAP Mentors and Champions. You’ll be able to join the live sessions and engage not only with SAP experts, but also with the SAP Community. And, of course, you can be sure that the Developer Advocates have a few more tricks up their sleeves. They’ll wrap up Day 1 with an old-school Hackathon as we pump up the volume and throw down a good ol’ fashioned codefest, just like in the days of old. I’m so pumped!  

Needless to say, I could go on all day, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect in Las Vegas at SAP TechEd Hands-On Lab. So, what do you say, are you in?! Register now and join us in November!