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I was ecstatic ! It's a simple concept but what great a gift to the ever busy SAP TechEd attendee, always glancing at his watch and running from one hands-on to another, the gift of TIME !

I think it would have gone down something like this :

So for all these years there were those who watched us, impatiently fidgeting with our phones, go through the grind of getting the TechEd badge decided to do something about this !

"Home Delivery for SAP TechEd Bangalore 2013 badges !!!"

Sounds obvious doesn't it ? I mean why wasn't this available already ?

But the simplicity of the idea belies the fact that it would have required a huge amount of teamwork and co-ordination to get this done !

And those in it for numbers : It shaves off the wait of around 15-45 mins (depending on how early you arrive) to get the badge !

Congrats to the SAP TechEd team for pulling this off... WE LOVE YOU !!!