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My strange way of doing things.   MMMMMMWhahaha  (That's my best evil laugh)    I thought since I promised no more blogs about my session - I'd let you know what I do to prepare or MY personal Secrets.   I'm sure no one else does this. (Sarcasm here)    Let me tell you everyone has their own way....   But since you never asked - I figured I'd let you know mine.

To start - create an "outline"

To begin with all non-sap type people submitted a brief outline of our session(s).   They go through a magic process where some get chosen and some don't.   I submit - oh about a hundred.   Not really.   I think this year I submitted three different ideas.   And one got picked.  If you want to speak submit more than one!

Wait and forget

Then I waited.  I had even forgotten that I submitted anything.   BUT - then I got contacted that one of my sessions had been selected.   Now to read the session outline and try to remember what I was thinking when I wrote it.  Always fun.   But I was so excited that I got selected.  Time for me to get serious.

Create the session material

So I had my outline - that outline that I had to follow.   The next deadline was for the presentation itself.   So I spent time putting it together.   Changing slides - putting it together again.   Bother co-workers.  And yes, making changes.   Finally, I had something that I liked!  I submitted it to the speaker site.   Once done - I was done right?

Not so fast.  Examples Next

Next I had to put together my "canned" examples / demos.   My speech would be totally boring without them.    I started canning them after a failure at one of the TechEds - I couldn't connect to my work via VPN.   Then I could, but it wasn't fast enough.   So I ended up presenting just using my slides.  Not my ideal way of doing things.

So now I create the examples via software.   I created more examples/demo then I will eventually present.   I stop and edit along the way.  It is not a fast process.

Also - I have to check and double check that I'm not using any of  my company's data.

So done now?   Oh no - not yet.  Practice and find the audience

I am a person who likes to practice and then practice some more.   But where to get that needed audience?   See the pictures below - I'm sure they all loved the speech.   OK some of them were sleeping and some left - but I'm sure they found it interesting.

The two girls said they loved it.  Gemma and Mohawk  were suitably impressed.   Monster - well I think he found it entertaining



But the winner of the audience - decided my printer was a good place to listen from.  The great Spike!  He was learning ABAP by sitting beside the book.   Extra points for him!

So now you have my biggest and best secret - a great audience to practice on.  I don't give my horses my speech as I can't bring my computer out there safely.  So they miss out.  They are very sad - I'm sure.

Why do all this?

Yes, most of it is in my free time.   I do it not just because the free Teched.  (It's for lecture only and no travel or food reimbursement - if you are curious.)     Although free teched is a good reason to do all this.   I do it because I hope just one person goes away from my session and has learned one thing!   If you go to my sessions - you'll probably hear me say that.

And that is the rainbow at the end!  Helping others and being helped.   When they ask a question I learn something new.   Or I see something in a different way.

And if you find me at Teched - stop and say HI!   As I've said before I'm a natural introvert, but I push myself to do more.

Tuesday is going to be interesting for me as I have 2 sessions back to back - Same presentation - that's good.   But any other day - I'll stop and chat!

And - sigh the older I get the less I want my picture taken.   I didn't smile and I figure if I'm not chatting I'll be moving through halls - not smiling.   So I took some pictures this morning.   Most of the time my hair is pulled back.   Anyway here I am:


What are your speaking/presenting tips?   I'm sure most of us do this during work.  I actually like presenting to people I don't know.   I think it's easier.

Anyone - Any new reasons to head out to Teched?   There is still someone out there not sure if they should go.