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The leaves are starting to turn brown, there’s a chill is in the air….signs of Autumn in some parts of the world, but in SAP Land, it signals the start of SAP TechEd season. Three SAP TechEd events will unfold over the course of Autumn 2013; the great technology education roadshow kicks off in Las Vegas, before heading to Amsterdam and finally, landing in Bangalore.

This year, SAP is taking a new approach to its session strategy: the session topics will remain consistent across all event locations, so that regardless of where attendees land they will benefit from the same great content their peers are experiencing on the other side of the globe. Of course, the presenters themselves might vary, and with that, styles will differ (*our SAP colleagues are not reading from scripts after all, and part of the fun is seeing how each presenter engages their particular audience).

SAP Education has a strong line-up for SAP TechEd 2013. Here’s what attendees can expect to hear from us at each event location…we look forward to seeing you there - -wherever “there” might be in your part of the world!

SAP’s Solution for User Adoption and User Experience Optimization

No matter how well your SAP solution has been configured and installed, the real value is ultimately delivered only by the people who use it. With SAP Workforce Performance Builder, SAP customers can quickly and effectively provide their user communities with the skills that build insight into, and generate value from, their SAP solution. Learn how to improve the end user experience without changing the application itself. See the importance of a higher level of application adoption for your installed base with context-based knowledge transfer components and support change management efforts with rapid information development to empower your workforces for their daily business.

Forget “Training” – Tools and Strategies for Keeping Current

With the blindingly fast evolution of SAP technologies, the last thing you need to keep current is “training.” Training is obsolete – a 19th century concept in a 21st century world. Fortunately, new technologies allow SAP professionals to acquire the up-to-the-minute skills they need – whenever and wherever they need it. This presentation will address new opportunities, strategies, and tools for you to develop the SAP skills necessary to keep your performance high and your career on track.

When People Are Depending on You, You Have to Depend on Your People

You already know that workforce skills are the key ingredient for producing the bottom-line value your executives expect. But, if you don’t know the real day-to-day competence of your SAP workforce, you can’t pinpoint performance gaps or remediation needs, either at implementation or over the long term. This presentation will focus on the tools and processes for discovering and addressing SAP user performance needs, and discuss and demonstrate issue diagnosis, remediation, and success monitoring.

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