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Community Manager
Community Manager
In my last blog post, (and multiple times during SAP TechEd in Channel 1 I think) I mentioned bringing more of the SAP TechEd content, speakers and experts to the Community via a series of replays and hands on activities. Not only will this give you a chance to catch up on sessions you missed, but we’re modifying some of the formats so you’ll be able to take a closer look at the hands-on content, and get insights and tips from the experts live. This will also give our product experts and executives the chance to dive deeper into some of the questions raised at TechEd and answer questions they didn’t get to during the event. We’ll have workshops, Q&As, and breakout sessions across all 7 tracks:

  • Application Development and Integration​

  • Database and Data Management​

  • Intelligent Technologies

  • Analytics​

  • Customer Experience

  • Digital Transformation w/Intelligent ERP

  • Integrated Intelligent Suite

Take a look at the upcoming January sessions we've already scheduled as well as our next CTO Open Q&A call in February:

You can register and find the details for additional, soon-to-be scheduled sessions from the SAP TechEd program for the Community here.

Let's kick 2021 in the right direction here and get moving with our Post SAP TechEd activities! Be sure to follow the SAP TechEd tag to get notifications about new sessions and chances to meet with experts!

Just head to the page, click "Follow" and then you can select whether you want inbox notifications (on site) or email ones via your #communications.
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