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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

SAP Community watch-and-code-meetups.jpg

In the spirit of fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and engagement, we are thrilled to announce the SAP Community "watch-and-code" meetups! Running concurrently with SAP TechEd, this global half-day in-person event concept promises an exceptional opportunity for SAP enthusiasts to come together, network, learn, and code!

The SAP Community "watch-and-code" meetups have been thoughtfully designed to provide a unique platform where developers, SAP enthusiasts, and professionals from all corners of the world can gather for an enriching experience with SAP TechEd at the heart of the event.

Networking, learning and coding
Participants will be able to rewatch the SAP TechEd keynote together and take part in a Q&A session and lively discussions with experts about the latest development updates. One of the highlights of the half-day event is the hands-on mini code jam session focused on extending SAP S/4HANA via SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Technical experts will host the session that covers both CAP and RAP, and invites ABAP developers to delve into the world of CAP and vice versa. 
Be ready for a day full of engagement and networking!

Locations worldwide
The SAP Community "watch-and-code" meetups will be hosted across multiple locations worldwide - from the US across Europe and the Middle East to Australia. Register now in the closest city near you and look forward to an amazing event!

Atlanta (USA) - Register now!
Barcelona (Spain) - Register now!
Brisbane (Australia) - Register now! 
Kontich (Belgium) - Register now!
Melbourne (Australia) - Register now! 
Munich (Germany) - Register now! 
Rome (Italy) - Register now!
's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) - Register now!
Sydney (Australia) - Register now! 
Walldorf (Germany) - Register now!
Yerevan (Armenia) - Register now!

Whether you're a seasoned SAP expert or just beginning your journey, this event offers an avenue for networking, learning, and coding for everyone. So mark your calendars and get ready to watch, learn, connect, and have fun at the SAP Community "watch-and-code" meetups right in your city - SAP TechEd 2023: Where Ideas Get Real!

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