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Get a better understanding of what makes SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) tick? Learn about the capabilities and predefined business content of SAP BTP and how it supports your business goals. See how to start with the free tier-service plans and move from proof-of-concepts to productive applications. Discover the range of services SAP BTP offers to realize your desired use case by leveraging the SAP Discovery Center site, the resource for SAP BTP information and guidance.

Watch the replay: A Look “Under the Hood” at SAP Business Technology Platform
and check out Q&A from the lecture, listed below.

Missed other sessions? Watch all replays here in the session catalog, and if you are interested in Q&A from other sessions - let us know by posting a comment below.

Questions & Answers:

Will this replace pre configure CPI integrations between other SAP applications?
The integration between different SAP applications will be using different technologies - depending on the use case. - So Cloud Integration Flows as well eventing will be valid options - For both SAP will provide integration content.

Prebuilt business content with BTP like CDS views? As BTP is platform and not operational solution. so when this content are useful?
For the development of Business Applications the use of Data Views to get easy access to data within a certain business context is extremely helpful!

When will BW4 receive BTP integration functionality? the number of connectors is underwhelming today for a DWH. probably why DWC is solely standing there? so still only DWC and DI.....
Please attend our DWC sessions on TechED to dive deeper into the planned integrations for DWC.

Does BTP have the capability to make RFC calls to on prem ECC systems?
Yes. In most situations OData based calls will be the technology of choice though.

Fiori elements development SAP's recommended direction to use SAP BAS OR SAP Web IDE?
SAP Business Application Studio is the preferred solution for BTP these days.

Can BTP be used to support a mixed environment of both ECC and S/4? We will have both for years.
Yes, absolutely. - BTP is often used within large environments supporting several different SAP Backend Solutions and versions.

Can BTP be utilized for ECC hosted on AWS or AZURE?

Is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Data Intelligence Cloud planned to be more tightly coupled? If so, how?
Yes there are plans to bind Data intelligence capabilities closer with DWC - please have a look in the respective sessions for DWC.

Will BAS be available in the neo environment?
No, BAS is not available in Neo environment.

How is BTP Cloud TMS used primarily? Some developm doesn't require deployment via Cloud TMS with on premise develop.
TMS is often used as "the final hurdle" to production - meaning that you our customers are using CI/CD mechanisms up to a pre-production system, but want to align transportation to production system with transports in the on-prem landscape to prevent any inconsistencies in overall hybrid solutions.

Where can we find/get exclusive teched event specific certifications?
You can prepare for a certification in development roles with free SAP Learning Journeys and live learning sessions led by SAP experts.Save with an exclusive SAP TechEd certification offer that came in your SAP TechEd registration E-Mail.Find all the great content at

Are these individual technologies to learn to become an expert or architect in BTP domain?
The main development environments are the Business Application Studio for classical developers and SAP Build tooling for Low Code/No-Code based development. These solutions combine the respective technologies for the developer in a central tool.