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Community Manager
Community Manager

Didn't get to attend Bangalore November 2023 for SAP TechEd? Don't worry, we are bringing you one of the fun highlights from the end of day one. This year we had six finalist teams that qualified to take part in SAP DemoJam and show off their amazing ideas. Watch as host, Craig Cmehil, brings the stage to life and gets the most out of the participants in terms of energy and enthusiasm. Watch to the very end, the noise-o-meter used for voting brought a really fun and exciting element to the whole event!

Team 1
Title: SAP Analytics Cloud Office Suite
Description: Pavan and Vishnu, the first team to go on stage at SAP DemoJam 2023, showcase their idea to bring SAP Analytics Cloud Office Suite to a new level! An idea any manager would love!
Speaker 1: Pavan Kowshik Santebidanur Nagaraja
Speaker 2: Vishnuvardhan S

Team 2
Title: PharmaConnekt: Unleashing the Future of Pharmaceutical Integration and Sustainability
Description: Syed and Navin, winners of SAP DemoJam 2023, bring to you their idea of how the future of pharmaceutical integration and sustainability will look.
Speaker 1: Syed Ejazuddin
Speaker 2: Navin Krishnan Manohar

Team 3
Title: Healthy Smart Food App: Revolutionizing the Dining Experience
Description: Vikas and Ravi, one of the finalist SAP DemoJam teams in 2023, introduce the Healthy Smart Food Menu App Powered by SAP BTP and AI. Perfect for anyone with food intolerances, allergies, or dislikes! Speaker 1: Vikas Jangra
Speaker 2: Ravi Kant Ranjan

Team 4
Title: Intelligent Business Interaction Insight Generation in SAP CX using AI/ML
Description: Prateek and Saravana, the fourth team to take to the stage live at SAP DemoJam 2023, bring to you their insights and ideas for SAP CX using AI/ML.
Speaker 1: Prateek Bajaj
Speaker 2: Saravana Kumar

Team 5
Title: SAP + Generative AI
Description: In the eyes of Rishi and Richa - our brother and sister duo, and second-place finalists at SAP DemoJam 2023, this is the dawn of a new technological era, and they are happy to showcase their ideas to SAP Community.
Speaker 1: Rishi Khandelwal
Speaker 2: Richa Khandelwal

Team 6
Title: Use the power of the in-memory SAP HANA Database to measure Radiation
Description: Adi and Suhas, our third-place finalists at SAP DemoJam 2023, share with you their use case for SAP HANA Database and making the world a safer place.
Speaker 1: Adi Mogilevsky
Speaker 2: Suhas Sudheendra

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks for sharing and all presenter did a great job! Congratulations! 🎊



Thank you so much @Katherine_K @craigcmehil and SAP TechEd Team for amazing learning opportunity.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Former Member - it was so much fun working with and getting to know the six teams - and I think all the hard work behind the scenes paid off!!