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Continuing our meet the ASUG speaker series, please meet Rajesh Gupta of Deloitte who is speaking on CRM on the Amazon Public Cloud Lessons Learned


Please tell me about yourself

Rajesh is a SAP Technical Manager out of Deloitte, Philadelphia office. A lead SAP Solution Architect, Certified SAP HANA, OS/DB Migration, Unicode Conversions, NetWeaver(BASIS) with over 19+ years of SAP and Oracle consulting experience. At this moment, focused on SAP HANA Migration and Implementation, SAP Upgrade, SAP OS/DB Migration, and SAP CRM.

What are some of your hobbies?

With the fast moving change in time and technology, my hobbies also keeps changing with same pace with. As living and breathing in technology world, my hobbies are aligned technology. I love spending times on computer figuring out cool things and making the life easier with technology.

Apart from computer, love to play Tennis for hours, and enjoy all thrill ride in amusement parks, till now fearless of all scary rides, recently went for the world tallest ride in Six Flag. Kingda Ka is the tallest coaster in the World, fastest in North America.

This remarkable thrill ride breaks the world records for coaster height and zooms from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds, Blast 456 feet high, then plunge vertically into a 270-degree spiral.

On the left, see picture experiencing SkyScreamer, towering swing ride. Climb 24 stories, and then spin around at 40 mph. Now that is something to scream about!

Please tell me about your session

Cloud has always been the center stage in all conferences and webinar since 2011. Its spread like a spread like a wild fire and everyone start talking about some short of cloud, like Amazon Cloud, IBM Cloud, HP Cloud, Apple’s iCloud, Personal cloud etc. Cloud has now become the prominent word in technology area and in 2011; there was a great deal of press around SAP certifying AWS as a cloud platform for most of the SAP Applications. SAP   aimed at lowering total cost of ownership and speeding up implementations. The benefits of AWS cloud felt across many companies and as a result, there is a lot of interest especially running SAP on AWS. We have heard a lot about cloud and its many benefits; however, people are not sure how to dip their toe in the water or get a pilot quickly up and running. As an organization that has been through journey, this presentation is to educate and help client to understand the advantage and challenges around hosting/standing up the SAP instance on Amazon Cloud. We will cover guidelines for installing and running SAP instances on AWS. Important topics such as AWS instances, operating system details,  licensing and hardware key, backups, snapshots, volumes, security and Operation of SAP systems on Amazon Web Services.

Session abstract:

In this session, we will cover the technical details for performing homogeneous system copy to install SAP CRM 7.02 on an Amazon Web Services server as well as the installation of SAP Real-Time Offer Management 7.1 EHP1 and the issues faced when trying to configure an interface of the two. We will discuss the steps to perform installs, from how export was copied to how users accessed it for testing, as well as the issues faced and the steps taken to resolve each issue, such as changing the machine name and setting parameters for Web Dynpro. An understanding of the different component parameters that needed to be adjusted, Amazon, SAP, and Internet Explorer 9, will also be discussed.

*All pictures provided by Rajesh Gupta - Rajesh is pictured right with his wife in Las Vegas

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So add Rajesh's session CRM on the Amazon Public Cloud Lessons Learned to your agenda today.

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