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Welcome to your personalised blog series which provides you all the information you need to make the most out of SAPTechEd 2023. This is your comprehensive guide to explore the latest innovations through virtual sessions, hands-on workshops and customer's success stories.

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Target Readers

Anyone who is interested in App Development. No matter if you are completely new to this topic or already an expert - we've got you covered. This blog is targeted for people who want to learn about SAP Business Technology Platform and AppDevelopment.

How to Get Started

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SAP TechEd 2023 Session


Session CodeNameLevelType
AD114vLearn How Fusion Development Fosters Sustainability at BMWBeginnerVoice of Customer
AD108vEnhance Fusion Team Collaboration Across the Developer Continuum
AdvancedLecture (25 min)
AD102vWhat’s New with SAP Build Work Zone – Innovation Meets Productivity AdvancedLecture (25 min)


Session CodeNameLevelType
AD125vAccelerate Development with Pro-Code Tools to Extend Across SAP Solutions 
BeginnerLecture (25 min)
DT200vExtensibility with ABAP Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public EditionBeginnerLecture (25 min)
AD283vDevelop SAPUI5 Applications with Pro-Code Tools and Best Practices from SAPBeginnerJump-Start
XP101vGuiding Developers to Implement Standard Business Applications on SAP BTP
BeginnerLecture (25 min)
AD200vDiscover New Capabilities of SAPUI5 with Pro-Code ToolsAdvancedLecture (25 min)
AD201vDeveloper Productivity with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and AI AdvancedLecture (25 min)
AD100vExtend Your ERP While Keeping the Core Clean with SAP BTPAdvancedLecture (25 min)

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