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Become a customer-centric growth company with SAP Customer Experience

To be successful, each organization must center their strategies, processes, and technology to be intensely customer-centric and offer relevance and personalization across all channels. SAP’s CRM Portfolio “SAP Customer Experience” provides a great foundation to achieve just that. Join us at this year's SAP TechEd on November 15-16 to learn more about what SAP’s CX portfolio has to offer!


What is SAP Customer Experience?

As a portfolio, CX includes elements from both the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market and the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) market. Ultimately, it is a cloud CRM strategy that we run as part of our SAP portfolio. We can't look at CX solutions, however, as just a bucket of individual functions. Instead, we must think of them as supporting business processes along a customer journey:

  • Customer Data: Grow revenue by uniquely identifying every consumer and intelligently activating relevant data in real-time across CX and back-office operations.
  • Marketing: Increase customer lifetime value with data-driven real-time personalization via automated omnichannel marketing journeys.
  • Commerce: Be agile in driving profitable and sustainable commerce outcomes at scale across any business model.
  • Sales: Close business faster with actionable insights and optimize transactions with a deal prediction engine.
  • Service: Deliver cost savings and improve the customer experience via a real-time service platform enhancing resolution from predictive, automated, and agent-assisted interactions.

With new and changing business challenges, the CX portfolio is evolving into cloud-native, composable solutions that connect the front and back office into a single suite.

Hear from our CPO Ritu Bhargava, CX experts, and a customer first-hand!

Learn more about SAP Customer Experience, significant milestones and innovations, and technological breakthroughs! Don't miss our CX Chief Product Officer Ritu Bhargava discussing SAP CX as part of Thomas Saueressigs Business Applications Keynote on Day 2 of the event. Register today and tune in to hear from the experts behind the portfolio who will be providing exciting insights as well as hands-on experience. Hear directly from a customer who is already reaping the benefits of the SAP Customer Experience Suite!

Check out the Subtrack “Intelligent Customer Experience That Unlocks Growth” as part of the “Applications and Business Processes” Track

Regardless of your experience level, TechEd 2022 offers you the opportunity to improve your understanding and knowledge of SAP CX through virtual expert sessions, and SAP-led virtual and hands-on workshops.

Participate online in these free virtual learning opportunities. Click on the table for more information about the virtual sessions on Day 1 and Day 2.



Join us in Las Vegas for live, in-person workshops led by SAP experts. Click on the days below for more information. Spaces are limited, so act fast and register!


TechEd_SessionCatalog_R_blue4.pngOr check out the complete list of sessions and choose your own path. Don't miss this opportunity and join us!

Take your customer experience to the next level. Register today for SAP TechEd 2022 and take advantage of what the SAP Customer Experience subtrack has to offer.