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Hello all, 

The buzz from SAP TechEd Berlin and Las Vegas is still simmering in the community and people are continuing to benefit from the great video content on Virtual SAPTechEd!   Since wrapping up the events only two weeks ago, the site has logged nearly 50,000 total online video views of the Keynotes, Demo Jam, TechEd LIVE Interviews, Lecture Sessions, and Highlight Videos.  The numbers will continue to grow over the coming weeks - and we'll be adding more videos from TechEd Bangalore in two weeks. 

I've included a FULL LIST of all videos below - the list is grouped by video type and sorted by most viewed.  (Apologies for the small font size in these images.)

Thanks to all of our Speakers, DemoJammers, and Interviewees for your time and effort to be part of the SAP TechEd experience and contribute to this great content for our customers, partners, and broader community.  

Here are a few highlights:

 To review any of these sessions, go to Virtual SAP TechEd, choose the video type along the top, and find the session you're interested in. 

Here also is a current summary of video views by category: 


Feel free to share this with whomever you think would benefit, embed links in your blog, or share links with your social networks.  

Enjoy the great content from Virtual SAP TechEd and we'll see you in Bangalore and Shanghai





Full list of videos by video type

Types include Demo Jam, Highlight, Interview, Keynotes, and Lectures.  Sorted by most viewed within each category.

To view any of these videos, visit