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Maximize the investment in Employee Central with SAP Integration Suite

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Being alone is great if you're on vacation. But being alone and disconnected isn't the best way to take advantage of or use SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or your people data. They need to be connected to the rest of your organization so everybody can thrive and be the best they can be. The key to maximizing your SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is integration.

Nearly every business process, data point and business goal is dependent on people data - the data in Employee Central. While your data is effectively managed in Employee Central, how does the rest of your organization get access to it so it can feed and drive the critical processes in other areas such as Sales, Finance and Customer Support?  The answer is simple, SAP Integration Suite, part of the SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Integration Suite provides SAP-to-SAP (including SAP SuccessFactors) solution data exchange as well as SAP-to-third-party information import and export.

This non-technical webinar is perfect for HR decision-makers, HRIS and HR-supporting teams that want to learn how integrating your SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution will benefit your organization.

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Will this event be recorded for those in different timezones to watch later?



I will be recording the session and will post it to the page for later viewing. Thanks for your interest!