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What is BRS and EBRS in SAP?

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Hi Experts

While I am configuring BRS i am perfect to configure post entries but how real time works?

what is the purpose of BRS and EBRS?

mostly BRS Everyone can configure but EBRS Config is too Tough can any one Explain? and if you have any format kindly share

Thanks in Advance

Lakshmi narayana

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What is BRS and EBRS in SAP?

BRS: Bank reconciliation statement is reconciliation between the account maintained by a company and the account maintained by the bank.

For example: A cheque was given to vendor and vendor has not presented it to a bank for payment till date. Because of this transaction there will be a mismatch between the account maintain at the company and the account maintained by bank (while giving a cheque to a vendor a business transaction had been entered into books of account by crediting a bank account but bank is not aware such transaction as they have not received the cheque yet). There can be some other reason for which your company’s account and the bank statement will not tally. Periodically it is the responsibility of the accountant to prepare a bank reconciliation statement and produce the same before the management to know if there are any discrepancies.

EBRS: In my opinion u want to know about Electronic Bank statement (EBS). In sap you may receive two types of bank statement;

  • Electronic statement (EBS)
  • Manual statement

format and configuration link of the bank statement is already shared in the above ans.

Hope this ans your query.

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when you create house banks and bank accounts for that house banks in SAP, you maintain GL accounts. this GL account balance and transactions is what tells you about the transactions and balance at bank end. so whatever transactions happened in at your bank account, same transactions have to be recorded in SAP as well then only your SAP bank account GL balance is going to match with the real time bank account balance at bank.

having said that we can't post each and every journal transaction that happened at your bank in SAP one by one manually. so usually banks send bank statements for you to integrate in to your system. if you successfully integrate bank statement in to your SAP then all the transactions in the statement are update in SAP and your SAP GL is in balance with bank account balance.

I give that EBS configuration is a bit confusing in the beginning but definitely not a difficult one. please read the below documentation

this pretty much covers everything

and additional

thank you.