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what are the importent transaction codes in edi

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what are the importent transaction codes in edi

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Hi Sai,

Check this for list of EDI Transaction codes:

[EDI Transaction Codes|]

Also check this wiki page:



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=>sale - ALE Customizing

=>bale - Distribution Administration (ALE)

=>wedi - IDOC Type and EDI Basis

=>shdb - BDC (Transaction Recorder)

=>lsmw - LSMW

=>bapi - BAPI

=>spau - Display Modified DE Objects

=>spdd - Display Modified DDIC Objects

=>sara - central idoc archiving

=>stms - Transport Management System

=>wedi - IDOC Type and EDI Basis (IDOC Configuration)

=>bd21 - Analyze change pointers - create IDOC from change pointer

=>bd10 - Send Material Master

=>bd12 - Send Customer Master

=>bd14 - Send Vendor Master

=>bd50 - Activate Change Pointer for Message Type

=>bd55 - Conversion rule user exit (Link conversion rule user exit to the different system \ partner combinations)

=>bd54 - Maintain Logical Systems

=>bd71 - Distribute Customer Model

=>bd87 - Process Inbound IDOCs

=>bd88 - Process Outbound IDOCs

=>bdm2 - Cross-system IDOC Reporting

=>bdm7 - ALE Audit - statistical analyses

=>bdm8 - ALE Audit - sending confirmations

=>bd61 - Activate Change Pointer generally

=>bmv0 - Direct Input Data Transfer Administration

=>rz04 - Operation Mode

=>rz12 - RFC Server Group Maintenance

=>sar3 - Archiving object customizing

=>s001 - SAPoffice Inbox

=>s010 - Standards Texts (SAP Script)

=>se01 - Transport Organizer (Extended View - Performing and managing the transport of development object across different systems)

=>se09 - Transport (Workbench) Organizer (Controlling and keeping track of Development work and Development Objects)

=>se78 - Administration of Form Graphics (Import Graphics into SAP System)

=>se84 - ABAP Repository Information (search for SAP objects)

=>su01 - User Maintenance (Security)

=>su02 - Maintain Authorization Profiles

=>su03 - Maintain Authorizations

=>sm36 - Background Job Scheduling

=>sm37 - Background Job Monitoring (display batch jobs)

=>sm31 - Table Maintenance

=>sm30 - Calling View Maintenance

=>sm35 - Batch Input Monitoring (Error Logs)

=>sm50 - Process Overview

=>sm58 - Transactional RFC Monitoring

=>sm59 - Maintain RFC Destinations (Define RFC Configuration)

=>snro - Number Range Objects (for IDOCs)

=>we02 - Display IDOC

=>we05 - IDOC lists

=>we07 - IDOC statistics

=>we12 - Inbound processing of outbound file - convert outbound to inbound file

=>we14 - Process (dispatch) IDOCs through Port - RSEOUT00

=>we15 - Outbound IDOC from NAST - message control

=>we16 - Inbound File

=>we18 - Generate status file

=>we19 - Test tool

=>we20 - Add new Message Type to Partner Profile

=>we21 - Maintain Port Definition

=>we30 - IDOC Type development

=>we31 - IDOC Segment development

=>we41 - Process Code Outbound

=>we42 - Process Code Inbound

=>we46 - IDoc Administration

=>we47 - Status Code Maintenance

=>we57 - Assign function module to logical message and IDoc type

=>we63 - IDOC Type for Parser Output

=>we82 - Assign IDOC to Message Type

=>we60 - IDOC Documentation - IDOC Types

=>we61 - IDOC Documentation - IDOC Record Types

=>we81 - Create new IDOC Message Types

=>we82 - Assign IDOC to Message Type

=>pa20 - Display HR Master Data

=>pa30 - Maintain HR Master Data

=>bd59 - Create and assign Filter Object Type for Message Type

=>bd64 - Maintenance of ALE or any other Distribution Model

Hope this helps, Do reward.