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Very Very Urgent : Payment Advice to vendor

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Hi Friends,

My requirement is i have a sapscript "F110_IN_AVIS" (Driver program:RFF0EDI1 This is a standard sap driver program)and it should be converted to Smartform with all the windows as it was present in sapscript. I have migrated the sapscript to smartform (as you all know that only the layout will be copied and not the logic). Now how to identify the table names and the corresponding field names related to each of these windows. Kindly suggest how to proceed with the driver program. Also Kindly send any document or any sample program for Payment remittance advice to vendor. Full pints will be rewarded to valuable answers. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1) Go to SE71-> give the name of the program as : F110_IN_AVIS.

2) click display.

3) go to settings window and check if the option of graphical form painter is clicked or not.

4) click on page windows button

5) double click on each window-> then click on the editor button i.e. third button from beginning.

6) You will have to check for each field which is enclosed in & &

this would give you the name of the table and field names.

7) In the program you will get the actual internal table names.

I hope this helps.



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