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tell me the alternate way to get my certificate from sap

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hi all,

i badly need help. actually my company sponsered me for the certification during teched-06.

i cleared my exam and company got the certificate also. but now my company is not ready to give me the certificate b'se they think that the moment i will get it i will leave the company.

so plzzzz tell me is there any other way to get atleast my certification id or a duplicate certificate from sap.i have everything including the badge i got for the teched, identity card of company with photo and other id proofs also like passport, driving license etc.

thanks a lot in advance. eagerly waiting for the response.

zenithi george

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Answers (2)

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Hi George,

You can contact SAP and tell them that you cleared your exam and give them the details.. Like your Name, Date of Certification Exam, Location and Company Sponsering you. And give them the address for delivery of new certificate.

You can also contact Mr. M V Ramakrishnan from SAP. He can guide you and help you in much better way. His email ID is <b></b> ..Just discuss it with him. He will let you know the right person to contact and you can get your certificate at your home address.



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I don' t think that it' s a great problem to get a duplicate of the certificate from your next SAP office by naming your company, name, date and area of exam. When I changed my employer, I just sent an Email to SAP, they reassigned the certification to the new company I am now working for and issued a new consultant card.