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suggestions SAP experts

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hi all

need some suggestion from SAP experts

i have total 2.2 years of experience which include 1.2 in s/w testing and

as an sap consultant with 1.2 years of experience with ABAP v4.7 and BW v3.1

all i want to know is that what knowledge & skills should i have to get a good job

or what interviewers are looking for or what they ask with having 1.2 years of experience

i have a very good knowledge or what can i do to increase my self-confidence

good and more suggestions may help

actually i am very phobic in facing an interview



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I can understand how it feels. But at the fear of sounding cliche, i think the confidence and attitude you show when you answer the questions wins half way thru. Only half way, ofcourse, your expertise to answer the interview is more important. I always breathe deep and take a bottle of water with me. I take my time answering the questions, never in a rush. Remember that it is a two way process, so you make sure that they are right fit for you. Ask them questions, how big is the team, what do they see the furture projects of the IT team as?, How long have you (the interviewer) has been working for the compnay ?, What do you think of the compnay's growth?, Reassure the interviewer how your skills would be suitable for the interview. Give a firm handshake, take a small note pad to jot down what they are answering, be organized, take enough resumes for all the interviewers incase they didnt have time to print it out for you, of course you'd know to arrive atleast 15 mts before the interview to familarise yourself with the facility.

Dont leave things to luck, being prepared is all it takes. Best Wishes on all ur future interviews.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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In my view you should focus on BW/BI as you already have some experience on it. Eddy has given enough link on BI to start with. Work on it, go in dpth and understand it well. Once you have knowledge of it you will feel very confident and comfortable while facing interview. The only thing for increase confidence is to gain more knowledge and expertise on the topic.



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Hi Virus,

I don't know anyone who actually likes being interviewed - I don't either. The thing is that most times the poeple asking the questions generally don't know too much about the product either. In some cases they will have one person who actually has some technical knowledge, but they basically ask a few simple ones to ensure you are not lying. The interview forum generally doesn't lend itself to in depth technical discussion.

So when I am preparing to be interviewed (or these days to interview) I revise the fundamentals of the module or technology in question, and more importantly, make sure I can express how and WHY it fits into the bigger picture of a business system.

For example, a few years ago I was being interviewed for a tech team lead role for an FSCD implementation. My approach was to ensure I knew why anyone would want to use FSCD, what their key outcomes needed to be and how it fit their business. The rest was basically ensuring I could express my technical philosophy and skills to ensure they had comfort that I could do the job in terms of the business outcome and minimal maintenance cost for the life of the system.

Since then I have interviewed many programmers and consultants and I have found those who best understand the required outcomes usually get the job.

Hope this heps


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Are you looking for a BW interview?

Pls check this thread with plenty of links:

/thread/425594 [original link is broken]

The exact list of required courses can be found at

For 3.5 it's



PS. Which type of SDN Ubergeek/BPX suit are <a href="/people/eddy.declercq/blog/2007/05/14/which-type-of-sdn-ubergeekbpx-suit-are-you">you</a>?

Deadline: June 15th