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Sap placement near edison nj

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Hi, I am looking for some genuine consulting firms who can train me in SAP FICO and give me proper placement in and around Edison, New Jersey. Please let me know somebody with good reputation of placement.

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You are welcome.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Swathi,

These days many online trainings are avaialble for basic SAP FI as well as CO for piece and percel.

Its difficult to point any specific trainer at your specfiic area for full FICO.

You can let me know if you have any questions or concerns also you can connect with me in linkedin if needed.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Subhasiah,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did come across many people giving training online for SAP. But, I was not really impressed with their placement services, and its very hard for me to find a good placement agency around my location. Would be great if you can shed some light regarding a good placement agency and training.




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Hi Swathika,

Please don't mix training and getting job as both are totally different.

There can be multiple problems here:

In case of training, I can think of the following:

First: Some people gets trained first in the software (in this case SAP) as the are very good in their core subject for example financial accounting and management accounting however what they are missing is business process knowledge and how to configure and get the business requirement set in SAP. Comparatively less number of people falls in this category. 

Second: Another category is who is not good at all in core subject and they learn SAP just to see the money side and not for actual learning and off course many of them are actual failure when it comes to real technical knowledge about the software as well as subject, they survive because of other acumen what they display i.e. good communication, get help from peers, colleagues, friends, google etc.

Third: Many people have other important priorities in life instead of actual learning or they do learning not because they like but they are forced because of circumstances.

We got to decide what we are looking for while getting the training -

- Do we want to know overall business process - most of the time there is dearth of trainer in this area, people claim they know but they are not even if they claim to be working in the industry for 20 years.

- Do we want to learn Configuration skills - Hard to find who knows all transaction code in a particular module well and they are only limited to what they have seen, in this case it is very much required that you learn basic and then start practicing different scenario and where getting stuck ask friends, experts, google to know what they have done to set and address different business scenarios.

- Do we want to learn testing skills - A tester would be a person who has mixed blend of work experience in sap implementation, upgrade, support type of projects etc.

- Do we want to learn implementation skills - A person who had been exposed to multiple different types of implementation in SAP.

- Do we want to learn Integration skills - Again grey area, not very many good consultants in the market or trainers who are actual integration expert. just for an example you ask them can they explain you MM-FI Integration and they will immediately start with OBYC without good amount of understanding and explanation etc.

So the question is what is that you are looking for, if you are looking for all, probably you will never get one that is ideal.

The way to proceed in this case is take the basic training and then start developing your knowledge by practicing in system, reading blogs in,com, google it, get with experts in linkedin etc.

Now searching jobs is a different games altogether and off course you may not find a good firms who train resources and then gives the placement as placement depends on the following factors:

Client conducts the interview to see whether the person can do the job what is required be it configuration, be it testing, be it support, be it requirement gathering etc.

The skills can be as follows:

  • Configuration skills
  • Testing skills
  • Implementation skills
  • Support experience
  • System Upgrade skills
  • Integration skills
  • Communication skills
  • Consulting skills
  • Management skills
  • Business Analyst skills
  • Change Management skills etc. 

So  we may not get the job if one or more skills are not being reflected during the interview discussion.

So we can not expect a firms to train and give us the jobs in this way.

It could be there are some firms who gives this kind of provision to develop people before they expose them to the market but there is no certainty or guarantee that we will get the job for sure.

Getting the jobs most of the time depends on the interviewee and not the firm who has trained the resource. While they can help may be to schedule for an interview but not the offer letter from the client most of the times.

So to conclude - learn the basics, develop the skills by all modes as suggested above, get prepared for the interview properly,  check the job offers for the entry level consultants and apply it and you may be successful at some point of time, there is no definite period here like 10 days, 1 month or 2 months, it could take long but you might get if you have the patience to learn the subject well as learning never goes in vain.

Keep learning....

You can get back to me with specific questions if any.

Thanks & Regards


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Thanks Subhasiah, for such a detailed and clear post. Will try to follow those. Will get back to you, if I have any questions.