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SAP FICO certification

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Hello my dear SAP FICO certified experts,

I appeared in SAP FICO (C_TFIN52_64) Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EH associate certification exam on 05/04/2012 and unfortunately didnt clear it.

I got 53% against a passing mark of 66%. It is for sure that I will appear in the exam within 2 months. But before that if any of you would like to provide me with some valuable tips, then this would be huge favour.

1. I studied the TFIN50 and TFIN 52 along with the SM001 e-learning from the SAP site. The TFIN books that I had was from 2006 version. My question is whether these books have a new version released for the C_TFIN52_64 exam? Or is the 2006 version of the books sufficient for the exam?

2. Lot of questions that I faced in the exam had come from in-depth customizing and practice level knowledge. Though nothing was out of the course curriculum, many questions were for people who had hands-on experience in configuration. I had collected some 1300+ exam type questions from here and there but nothing helped me when I faced the real questions in the exam.(I did not try to mug-up the answers)

The questions demands one to have a deep understanding of the topics, preferably from a real time experience.What do you recommend for people like me who do not have any experience except customizing in the training scenario and some time spent on a live server internship program?

3. After the exam I got the breakup of the marks I scored section-wise. It also suggested additional courses which supposedly covers these topics (like AC201, AC305 etc.) How helpful can these courses be, considering the huge cost of doing these courses from SAP? Although I can't afford to do these courses, However I do really wanna know.

4. Any other SAP FICO certification tips would be really great.

Many Thank


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Not being FICO, I'm not sure exact how much help I can be, but here's the info I do have for you. The current curriculum can be found at the SAP Education site . If you check the various tabs, you'll find the courses and certifications that correspond. It appears that there are two current certifications, one for ERP 6 Enh4 and one for ERP 6 Enh5. I can't imagine they can be all that different but I would definitely study the Financial aspects of Enh5 if I was going to take the latter exam.

From what I know, the exam questions are taken from the course material. However, it is recommended not to sit for the exam until you've had 2 or 3 years experience. Much of the advice I've seen has indicated that it is wise to study the course material as many as 5 or 6 times before trying the exam.You might want to have a look at How to approach and Pass a SAP Certification.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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Hi Thomas,

Just to confirm that, listed exam code C_TFIN52_64 (now it is C_TFIN52-65 or C_TFIN52_66) is only cover SAP FI (financial accounting) not SAP CO (Controlling).

Please let me know


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yes it covers only Financial accounting.

Please see here:



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Answers (2)

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Hi Hiranmay,

I do not agree with you that answering certification questions requires hands-on experience with customizing. I passed my SD certification from the first time just based on the training course and studying books. Moreover, I heard many times from my experienced colleagues that all you need to do in order to pass the certification exam is to study SAP books. It is also a popular opinion that even if you have 5 years of hands on experience with SAP as a consultant, you will fail the exam without studying books.

It is good that you got sample questions for the certification. Have you tried answering them before the exam? How many correct answers did you get? There is no point in collecting these questions if you do not practice with them. Also, you do not need 1300+ questions, that up to me is too many:)

I know my answer is not very encouraging and I am really sorry that you failed the exam, but that is how it works with certifications. You need to study books and practice with sample questions.

I think that books from 2006 should be fine. The content of AC201, AC305 should be covered in the books that you studied.

Good luck,