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SAP CRM 6.0 Certification too expensive!

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I am a certified in SAP CRM 5.0. I paid Rs 3,00,000 for the course, which in my opinion was really expensive.

But I was looking at the couse schedule for SAP CRM 6.0 and i was really shocked ( Yes Shocked) by the fees they are asking for the course. I think this is beyond my imagination why they are asking so much amount for the course which,

1) Doesn't gaurantee any job placement.

2) It is just for 25 days ( If you go for one of the main modules, i.e Sales, Marketing etc.)

So what does SAP want to prove by this? Come on, one can finish MBA (which is for 2 years in India and 1 year in UK) by paying this much amount.

And I have heard that many people are finding it difficult to pass the certification exams these days.

If any responsible person from SAP can explain this to me, I would be greatful. And please provide specific answers why you are charging this much.

Customer Relationship Management

TCRM10 CRM - Fundamentals 10 INR 165,000.00

TCRM20 CRM u2013 Fundamentals II 10 INR 165,000.00

CR300 CRM Sales 5 INR 82,500.00

CR800 CRM e-Commerce 3 INR 49,500.00

CR700 CRM Service 5 INR 82,500.00

CR600 CRM Marketing 5 INR 82,500.00

SAP CRM 6.0 Certification INR 25,000.00

(12.5% service tax on top of this amount)

If you want to do the course for one module (TCRM10 + TCRM20 + CR300) taken as example.

In India it will around Rs 5,00,000

In US dollar it will be around $ 10,500

In UK pound sterling it will be around 6900 GBP.

Plesase send your comments on this.

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When you are CRM 5.0 certified again why you want to go with CRM 6.0

SAP keep on releasing the version, do you want to go anttend all the version. It is not really worth.

If you are certified in one version, in my opinion, it is more than enough.