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SAP Build Apps Filter in Basic Table Data Component

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Hi Community,

I installed the component "Basic Table with Data Adapter" from the Marketplace and try to use the build in filter function in the properties, but cannot manage to update the filter when a page variable is changed.

In the properties "Filter Condition", the binding property is set by the page variable "input".


This Variable is set initially to a value when the page is loaded. The filter is working:


But  when updating the "input" variable, the change is visible but not reflected to the table filter:


How can the filter be refreshed to filter for the updated value? Many thanks!
















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Answers (2)


You are not loading the table again when the filter variable is updating. The basic data table adapter you are using only binds to the first filter you created. I have had many issues with this basic table , so I created my own custom table. As far as my experience, you need to to reload this table whenever your variable is updated from the canvas logic.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @MaxSt 

I am not sure how you arrived there.
Can you please share the learning journey either title or URL and the lesson or exercise  where you run into this issue.
Kind regards