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SAP ABAP Certification Being revoked .

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I completed my SAP ABAP certification (Certification Id : 0011 606 938) last month (Feb 2014) after few days I got an email from SAP AG informing that the certification has been revoked and we have to reappear for the exam . All my batch mates and Abapers from previous batch who appeared for the exam in the month of Feb 2014 received this email .

We contacted SAP (India) personals via email and call but we have not been provided with any info as in why this action is been taken . All that we know that many candidates all across India has been informed that there certification has been revoked and we have to wait for further clarification from SAP.

Its been about 3 weeks now that we are left with no clue as in what has happened and why this is happening.  We are not aware of any means of getting proper answers as our institute as well as SAP AG has failed to support us from 3 weeks

Kindly suggest.

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Finally ..  I am Certified ..

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Dear Pradeesh,

as part of our routine exam forensics we unfortunately picked up indications of irregularities in these exam results. We apologize for the delay but, as you can imagine, it was necessary to invest time in investigating all possible aspects of this. We realize that your certification is highly important to you and we also take our responsibility very seriously in ensuring that all individuals certified by us at SAP have gained that certification status through fair means. In order to ensure that noone is falsely disadvantaged by these irregularities we are offering all test takers with indication of irregularities the opportunity to retake the exam free of charge. We apologize to any test takers who are unduly inconvenienced by this but it is in all of our interest that we follow this route - it protects the credibility of your own SAP Certification and minimizes the risk for our customers and partners. All test takers impacted by this are currently being informed directly via e-mail.  I trust I can count on your understanding,

best regards


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Dear Susan,

Kindly confirm us what will happen with all of us if we get fail in the Exam?

Also why it is mandate only few of us who scored marks 85% above. but Candidate who are scored below 85% are not been asked for reappearing for the same exam though they were from the same course batch

Why this discrepancy is there?

Kindly let us know who is responsible for irregularities in the same exam?

until and unless these details are not confirm by you, We request you not to force us for reappearing exam.

Hope you can understand our concern over the situation.

Awaiting your reply.  

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Thank You Susan,

I really appreciate your help . But as Muddsarnajar Jamadar has correctly mentioned, why only candidates who scored more than 85% has been asked to reappear for the exam . This means SAP is assuming that candidates are adopting unfair means to score good marks . I have scored good marks as i was guided correctly and there was equal efforts from my end. If irregularity is identified in the exam results then every one should be asked to reappear why only selected candidates. This is pure partiality.

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Hi Pradeesh, Muddsarnajar,


I can absolutely understand your disappointment and this is why we would like to offer you the possibility to retake your exam as quickly as possible. However I can only reiterate that it is in all of our interests that only individuals
pass the certification through fair means. Individuals such as yourself, who, as you say, achieved the certification on the virtue of your own efforts and not, for example, by gaining illegal access to exam questions, will have no
difficulty at all passing the certification exam a second time. Yes, we do appreciate that it is an inconvenience but it is the fairest way of ensuring that we neither damage the credibility of the certification by certifying those who do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to be able to work on a project nor do we unduly penalize those individuals who would pass the certification with fair means. In the meantime I can hopefully answer all your
questions below.

1. the decision to withhold the certification is not solely based on the achieved score but on other data forensics

2. SAP is at absolute liberty not to disclose our exam security investigative procedures. If we did so we would be rendering them useless for the future.

3. SAP is also aware of the sale and distribution of exam questions leading to candidates adopting unfair means to pass their SAP Certification. SAP will not allow this to happen at the detriment of our customers and partners and sees it as our responsibility to ensure that all Certification holders have achieved their certification by fair means.

4. Every person taking an SAP certification exam agrees that “you may not sell, give away or obtain
from any other source SAP Test Items. Violation of any of these provisions may cause SAP to take legal action to remedy, or prevent, such disclosure or misuse, including, but not limited to, immediate injunction.” To your question as to what happens to those who fail - if there is a substantial deviation
between the results and individuals with suspicious indicators, who also scored highly on the first attempt and failed badly on the second attempt they will not be certified. Each case will then be analyzed again and it will be determined whether, in addition to the withdrawal of the certified status, there is evidence that would lead us to take additional action, which can also include barring individuals from participating in SAP’s certification program. 


I hope that helps. Again, it is sad that we have to take the risk of subjecting individuals who have gained their certification by fair means to the same treatment as those who did not and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. But the evidence is unfortunately so strong that we cannot deal with this in any other
way without risking our customers’ projects. I trust we have your understanding on this.

Best regards


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Thank you Susan ,

I guess we are not left with much options. Better we repeat the performance and hope things turn out well .

Once again thanks, you have been awesome .

Take care.

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Hi Sue ,

Will like to inform you . 18 candidates reappeared today . Only 1 cleared the exam . Unfortunately i was one of 17 guys .

Well played SAP ..

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Dear Susan Martin,

Hope you have came across with our results today, and you may be happy with it.

Really it was not a fair play which you have played today with all of us, by setting up the test which is usually has to set for the SAP Experience professionals but not for the freshers like us.

now you have achieved so called "irregularities" for what you were waiting for. but you have not seen "irregularities" in today's exam, or it may be not seen by you.

Anyways, i would like to mention here that, i will not give up until and unless i achieve, SAP ABAPer next to my name, and i know that i'll make it for sure.

Today you made me strong enough to prepare again and WIN this game moderately.

I'll, rather , we'll come again to show you our capability.

Bye for now.