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SAP ABAP Associate Certification materials


Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to start a career with SAP. I'm interested in getting the associate level certification and doing consulting and ABAP development. I have a degree in Computer Science so I have a fair amount of experience programming and I know the common concepts and good practices surrounding software development.From what I understand the 2 suggested books are TAW10 - Workbench Fundamentals and TAW12 - Workbench Concepts. Now I was wondering if you do need to go through both books and what topics to focus on because from what I read online the exam is not very tough and it's multiple choice but I want to be prepared in any case. I'm also wondering it there's a way to practice coding in ABAP somewhere for free as I really grasp concepts with hands-on experience.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Dimitar, For an overview of the topics covered in a certification, you can refer to the SAP Training Shop which lists the topic weights for each exam: If you have access to SAP Learning Hub, you can purchase a contingent of hours for SAP Live Access to for hands-on access to training systems.

Good luck with your certification!



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I HIGHLY recommend doing it this way (as you have access to all the training material to prep for exam).

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Answers (1)

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Hi Dimitar,

for systematic learning, you can refer SAP Press Books. There are lots of books which are on SAP ABAP for basic programming to high end.

and if you want practice code in SAP ABAP then you can use trial version from SAP.