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Regarding SAP Certification

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hai every body

i have completed my SAP Training.

But i want to know what would be a differnce between SAP certified guy and Non certified SAP guy

Too that

how will be the requirement for SAP Certified Guy as a fresher

please guide me as soon as possible

with regards



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Maithrayan

Welcome to the World of SAP!!!

To clarify your query, there could only be one answer in my point of view!!

The Certified guy is "certified" by SAP, as an official SAP Consultant!!! If otherwise, it depends upon the person to convince anyone that he is an expert in the field of SAP!!

Finally it comes down to the level of expertise which is very well understood from the way, a problem (in SAP) is approached and solved!!

As to the job opportunities to the freshers, Certified guys are preferred in most of the companies. Even they depend on the way you have understood the subject!!

So, get ahead and punch in your way through the competition with your expertise...All the best!!!


Vinodh S


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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welcome to SAP SD

Since u have completed ur training, my suggestion is prepare urself such that u are strong on basics in SD.

Regarding certified consultant will have importance in interviews compare to non-cretified consultant. But no need to worry on this, if u r strong on basics u will be picked up

best of luck


Arun prasad

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Hi Maith,

Welcome to this Forum.

Always the Certified Person will be given Preference when compared with non Certified Person.

For example:- The Certified Person will be given perference and though he is fresher to the SAP, Oppurtunities will be more when compared with Non Certified Person.The Non Certified Person has to show some experience to get into this but for which for Certified Person its not requiered.Even the Demand for the Certified Guys is very much in Abroad.

And in all most all companies the Preference will be given to the Certified Persons.

But dont worry, if you have a stuff NO Certification is required.


Thanks and Regards,