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Receiving error when creating new ABAP Cloud project in Eclipse

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I am wanting to complete the learning journey "Acquiring Core ABAP Skills".

I used a booster to "Prepare an Account for ABAP Development (Free-Tier)". The subaccount was created successfully. I then created a service key for my ABAP instance.

When I tried to create the new ABAP cloud project in Eclipse, it returns error " You were successfully authenticated, but an error occurred during the Service Instance logon. Please ensure that your user has the appropriate roles."


Does anyone know what roles are required? I thought this would have been done as part of the Booster setup?

Appreciate the help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I tried a few more things for this. The solution in the end was as per the below links:

Solution was to

Creating an Employee Record for a New Developer | SAP Help Portal


Assigning the ABAP Developer User to the ABAP Developer Role | SAP Help Portal

It would be helpful if the learning journey material actually covered this. It would save a LOT of wasted time and frustration.


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