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"Application Development Focus ABAP" Certification

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Hi all,

Do you have any information about <b>ABAP</b> Certification Prerequisite ?

I've found some information:


There are two options available for certification:

Option 1: Attend the academy with SAP or any authorized training centre of SAP and apply for a certification at the end of the training program.

Option 2: Direct certification based on SAP implementation experience. It is open to consultants working with SAP partners or Customers. The prerequisites are:

- Minimum 2 years of SAP implementation experience.

- Minimum 1 year employment with the current employer who should be a partner or customer of SAP.

- Minimum 6 months SAP implementation experience in the module / version that one wants to certify in.


But I think it's for general certification. Because the rule "minimum 2 years of SAP implementation experience" is not reasonable. I think <b>ABAP certification </b> focus on development experience. So, do you have any information or give me the link about this ?

And the examination fee is about $600 - $700, right ?

It's very urgent for me.

Thank you very much.


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Hi Smith,

Some extract from SAP site:

All candidates registering for SAP Certification Test must ensure that they have at least 2 years SAP implementation experience or have attended at least 15 days of relevant training in SAP. Proof of the above must be presented upon registration. You can submit the following:

Resume stating your job experience

Recommendation letter from your company, endorsed by your project manager. The SAP Education Centre will verify the information and confirm your certification registration if you have the necessary prerequisites and work experience.

Check this link for more info:

Also check this SAP Certification Policy which clearly states that when you can qualify for SAP certification and what all are the requirements for it:

>> And the examination fee is about $600 - $700, right ?

Its correct. Fees is around $600-$700.



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Since that you are wishing to write the certification test of ABAP, you should be having relevant experience minimum of 2 yrs with the supporting documents from your company.

A letter from your company stating that you are working in ABAP from so & so date to till date or so & so date (in case you shifted your company in between) mentioning your areas of expertise and your performance during this tenures. This should be signed by your proj manager or relevant head from your company.

Just send these docs to SAP as i said in my previous posts.

You will be contacted by a SAP person who will send you a format that is to be filled by you which has to be attached with the supproting documents. On which they will assess your profile and based on that they wil allow you to write the certification test.

First of all contact the SAP in your country.