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Query regarding functional experience

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Hello all,

   I have 2 years and 2 months experience in SAP ABAP and I m appearing for direct certification exam. SAP has already sent me the profile evaluation format.

In that, I have one query:

In the profile evaluation format, there are 2 sections given: one is SAP Experience and the other is Functional experience.

I have already filled up the SAP Experience section.

What should I write in the Functional Experience section since I m a technical person.

Its given as:

Second Section - Functional Experience

  1. 1. Project Name
  2. 2. Client
  3. 3. Organization
  4. 4. Project Dates

  5. Roles and responsibilities

Is it related to Non-SAP experience?

Please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,

Satvik Panchal

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Satvik,

You can write non-SAP experience, if you are not functional.

Best Regards,


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