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Plz help me with procedure for S-user ID after certification!!

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hello frnds Plz help me with procedure for S-user ID after certification

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Hello Ravi,

if your Certification was done in a SAP Training Center or organized through SAP Education for an Onsite Event (Hotel or other Location) your Login ID to the Exam is your S-UserID.
E.g 0001234567.

Your S-UserID is than: S0001234567 as mentioned above from Ravi.

1) A password letter for your S-UserID is automatically generated if you passed your Exam. Password letter is sent out separately. If you failed no User is generated.

When you applied for your Certification at a PearsonVUE Testcenter you did receive your S-User from the SAP Education Dept. This information (S-UserID) musst be entered the first time you register at PearsonVUE.

Once results are loaded into our systems the above process 1) should take place.

A password letter can only reach it's receiver if the Address details are correct in our system and if you entered the correct S-UserID when registering at PerasonVUE.

If you are working for a bigger Company with an SAP Installation there might be Admins in the Company who can create a S-UserID for you. This S-UserID is only valid as long as your are working for that Company.

If you do have a Customer or Installation Number you can apply via:

for a S-User-ID.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ravi,

The user ID you have used is your S ID, this is usually preceded by S.

You need to contact SAP Education Team. They should be able to give your S user ID and password.

Best Regards,