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NW04s Certification

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Can anyone provide me information on SAP Certification in NW04s components? Any such certifications are not available as of now (as per the sap website) but if anyone has information on when SAP will be coming out with such certifications, please let me know.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Considering that NW2004s is just released ( May/June 2006 ) for general availability.

You can check up on the Ramp Up Knowledge Transfer workshops for the training part for the same. My educated gguess is that they will start offering certifications starting sometime next year 2nd Quarter ( May/june 2007 ) or maybe we can look forward to the same in TechEd also next year

Other factors to be considered are :

1. most of the ramp ups are finished with the technical upgrade and the reporting upgrade is going on ( going by the announcements on SDn and the support portal ) this will get finished likely by Oct / Nov 2006 , and then they will have more customers going for the same.

my 0.02 , I would also like to give out a disclaimer stating that I am not an SAP employee !!! This is what I can guess from the news we have been receiving.. please do correct me if I am wrong on any of the above...


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