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Is recovery in audit log?

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I have another pair of screenshots that seem contradicting to me. It is about auditing database recovery

This is from the Learning Journey and states that recovery is not audited.file8.jpg

And this one from the quiz


I guess, this was my last posting regarding this learning journey because I had a successful exam.  Thanks @HayBouten for the patience to look into all my questions and giving me good additional information.

Kind regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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@Meinrad Congratulations with passing the exam!!

I didn't mind all your questions, because it gives me feedback and insight in how learners are understanding  the content. For me I know know that I have to rework certain parts to make it more clear and understandable to everyone.

On that quiz question, I have to look into that one.

-- Hay

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