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How Companies Are Transforming Their Business Transformation

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi! Many CXO's are seeing the value of collaborating! It's interesting to see the value of aligning customers, the enterprise and suppliers. How many organizations have truely adopted this model? What are the opportunities of increasing revenues when the muscle of the an entire ecosystem is working together around customer driven goals and objectives?

Today, the business and IT platform's are ready via the internet, Web 2.0, SAP solutions, business process management expertise, etc.. It's interesting to see business case examples when you look at the winners and losers in the marketplace. Often, the "winners" leverage this model while the "losers" are being bought out by the winners or running into trouble!

What we can deliver around Business Network Transformation ("BNT") in 2009 is very much different then what was available 3...or 5 or 10 years ago! There are many opportunities for business and academic leaders to consider!

For University's business, computer science, IT and related schools who teach these best practices there is a great opportunity to prepare students for the current (and future) global and regional job market (& their careers!). Clearly professionals who understand a combination of business and IT are much more valuable then those who understand only one or the other.

Question: Do you teach "BNT" in your classrooms? Perhaps you call it something else (like business solution architecture)?

Are you seeing customer case studies or thought leadership? Here's a few examples...

Geoffrey Moore is one thought leader you might remember! He wrote the acclaimed book, "Crossing the Chasm" which still reads well even after all these years!

In the prior URL check out...

How Business Networks Are Evolving Today

by Philip Lay and Geoffrey Moore


Innovating and Creating Value in Your Business Network

by Dr. Henry Chesbrough, adjunct professor, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley


Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, professor, Harvard Business School

Listen to Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, a widely-known visionary whose Balanced Scorecard concept is used by more than half of Fortune 500 companies, as he discusses how organizations can close the loop between strategy and execution.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on how these business network practices can achieve results and become a game changer for professsors/lecturers, stuents, and business around the world!

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As a student at the Erasmus University; Rotterdam School of Management I have seen interesting research on the subject business network transformation and business networks. Take a look at the website of "Smart Business Network Initiative", you will find some interesting books and articles including contact information of my professor E. van Heck and prof. P Vervest.


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Very Interesting Bart. Strangely, the guys who wrote Chapter 8 of the new book are colleagues and co-authors with my dissertation advisor at Manchester Business School

You should have a look at the new book we just put out. Let me know if you'd like a copy. We looked at business networks from a higher level strategic perspective as compared to the more systems level approach it appears this group has taken.

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Hi Bart

Thanks for the link. I am quite interested in the SBNi and would like to know the SBNi leaders' critical evaluation of our own University Alliances community. Would they accept our UAC as a case example of an SBN? I read the definition and the UAC appears to fulfill every point.

I'd be glad to have the chance to talk to them.

Best Wishes


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