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How are assignments marked?

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Currently I'm taking the "Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud – 2016 Edition" course. On the week two assignment, for two of the 3 point questions I got one answer wrong and two answers correct.  However instead of getting 2/3 for those questions I received a 1/3.

I'm curious how the assignments graded/marked? I would have thought that getting two of the three possible answers would earn me 2/3 of the mark, not 1/3 of the mark.

Thanks for clearing this up,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Pete,

You can find the details here:

Under point 4: Evaluation of Exam Performance.

If you still have queries about your results, please raise a ticket with the help desk - you will find the help desk on the right side of the openSAP website.

kind regards,


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