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Experts help needed!

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Hi experts,

I have been working in a software company with just 8 months of experience in SAP ABAP.

I joined as a fresher . I was involved in a project for data migration for which the client was in the process of implementation. Am planning to do ABAP certification by next march 2008.

by that time i would be having around 1 year exp. I want to apply for certification by myself, my company would provide me a letter stating i have 1 yr exp.

But my concern is " can i take the exam with 1 yr exp? ". Would SAP allow me to do so?

please throw some light on this as i am confused.

i have gone through the links provided by u all experts, but am sorry to say..i cudnt get the clear picture..pls advise me..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The best you can do is to attend an academy first coz there are a lot more issues that you are going to learn. Cerification is an added bonus but the knowledge you will get by attending an academy is paramount.

I only got certified this year and i had 3 years experience in FI/CO but the knowledge i gained is more than the practical experience i had.

Take my word for this Academy ist then Certification

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Hi Sampath,

SAP need atleast 2 years of SAP implementation experience from the person who are applying for SAP certification along with company written letter. The best way is enrol yourself for SAP Course on ABAP and then you will be eligible for certification even without completing the specific time period as mentioned above.



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