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ERPsim : Training the trainers videos

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We are currently preparing a new learning console for ERPsim. In this console, we will include videos about the underlying pegagogical approach of using simulation games in classrooms. A beta version of the learning console should be available before the end of the summer. Meanswhile, here are couple of interesting videos we have prepared for the faculty training on ERPsim that was held in Montreal from June 8th to 12th :

1) Training the trainers (Part 1) 6:59:

2) Training the trainers (Part 2) 7:42:

3) Training the trainers (Part 3) 9:05:

4) Training the trainers (Part 4) 9:21:

5) Training the trainers (Part 5) 4:39:

Please provide us feedback on these videos. What other pedagogical topics would you like to hear about?

We also in the process of writing an article for 'Simulation & Gaming' on pegagogical strategies. Please comment about your pedagogical experience with ERPsim. What would you suggest to a faculty who would like to start using ERPsim.


PIerre-Majorique Léger

Director ERPsim Lab

HEC Montréal

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I just finished watching the 1st video. The video was quite interesting. I think the learning tips were very useful, especially the part of focusing on learning and not worrying about mistakes. My only concern was that I assume the discussion was included because some trainers were indeed having problems with the training that occurred with ERPSim and my fear is that it's quite easy to say...oh well, these professors were uncomfortable with the fact that they couldn't get these concepts very quickly instead of saying...well, yes that is one possibility. Another possibility might be that the training is lacking in some way. Perhaps we can provide more information that would assist in the technical learning curve, so that the learning simulation learning curve might not be so steep. It could be a combination of factors that lead to trainer frustration apart from "very smart people not picking up a concept as quickly as they usually can, so they're getting frustrated. I could just see a very good possibility that sometimes the trainee is indeed the problem...but, sometimes, it could also be the trainer. Other than that, the tips are great. I think a positive attitude could definitely help a lot. I've only had the introductory. I'm hoping to experience the full blown experience in January in Texas.