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E-Learning Query

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I have just started my SD training from an ATC in the E-Learning mode. Some of my queries are -

1. How does the stipulated time of 200 hrs (5 months) work? E.g. - Say at the end of 5 months if I have only completed 190 hrs or vice versa, will my user id be still valid so that I can complete my curriculum?

2. The officials at my ATC say that 200 hrs is enough so that the whole course can be studied from A-Z 3 times? Is it true?

3. For those who had already completed their certification in SD in the Online learning mode, how did you schedule your training?

Any response would be of huge help and is thoroughly appreciated.

Thnx in Advance.

Writam Das

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Hi Writam,

The explanation to your queries are as follows:

1. In E-Leraning mode, we follow two basic rules to complete our subject matter ie 5 months or 200 hrs. If you have completed 200 hrs before 5 months , then your user-id will be de-activated by SAP. Similarly, if you have completed your 5 months but 190 hrs is reached, then the same will be de-activated and you wont be allowed to access.

2. Absolutely rite as said by your officials at ATC. I did my certification through online mode, and assure you that 200 hrs is really enough time to complete your subject matter alongwith sufficient revision.

3. Well, at the onset of my course, I did an initial interaction with SME Support Channel, wherein I got a detailed overview about the subject matter, certification exam and how to prepare. After, getting a proper understanding, I formularized my timing and pattern to complete the syllabus. Thus, I would suggest you, as different people have their own style and mode to complete certification, the best guide you can get is through the SME Support Channel.