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doubt regarding payment during booking of SAP Global Certification in India 2019

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Hello ,

As SAP India Certification Portal (Direct Certification Process) is retired now, and to apply for SAP Global Certification in India, we have to follow another process which is mentioned in

I referred various Post and it is really helpful about the process, but couldn’t solve my problem.

In India, we have to send an email to for the process to register for the examination. They will provide us with the steps for registration and they will also provide bank account details in which we need to do NEFT transfer of the examination fees with GST and we have to transfer the funds using the code "SAPI" followed by your 10 digit Mobile number. Example : SAPI1234567890

However I have one doubt regarding payment i.e. Full A/C number: SAPIXXXXXXXXXX (X to be replaced with your mobile number)

how come bank account number includes my mobile number ? Is it customised for SAP ? How it is possible bank account starts with SAPI followed with my mobile ?

Can you help me.



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Answers (2)

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Did got the answer to your query about payment?

I am also having same query but could not find the answer.

Shruti N

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Hi Akash, Please contact your local SAP Education team.