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Could you Please help me the flow and SAP ABAP learning road map topic wise

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Could you please help me with the flow and SAP ABAP learning road map topic wise (I am SAP ABAP learner )

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Hi hemachandu

I guess each person way of learning is different, and the flow usage of each object is could be based on needs, but I could categorize them on certain point and share how I learn ABAP through these tcodes

1. SE10
- Transport Request (TR)

2. SE11
- Domain | Data element | Tables / Views / Structure | Seach Help | Lock Object
- Table maintenance Generator

3. SE16 / SE16N

- Table data

4. SE93
- Tcodes

5. SE38 - Executable / Include Program
- common syntax, workarea, internal table, type of report ( basic / ALV / etc )
- advanced: inline search help

6. ST22 - Run time error analysis

7. SE80 - Dialog Program

- PBO / PAI, Screen, Table Control, GUI status, GUI title

8. SE37
- Function group / Function Module


and so on. There are still much more tcodes and, lot of feature I haven't mentioned in the description above ( especially in SE38 / SE80 since syntax could cover a large learning area ), but you should learn tcode with these question in mind:

1. what are the tcodes used for
2. are the objects used in programming syntax and how will they be used

alternatively, you could learn ABAP object in here.

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Really helpful dear xiswanto , Thanks a lot for your kind response.